Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Better Understanding of the Holy Bible

Having God in the center of your life is the best thing that can happen to you. Following His mighty words and doing what He expects us to do are the kinds of obedience that we should give Him. I’ve been taught that obedience is better than sacrifice and I strongly believe in that. It’s always better to follow His teachings and His words than disobey Him and offer sacrifice like what others are doing. In following God’s words you are assured that you’re taking the right path. He has already sacrificed for us at the cross so we don’t have to do it again.

God wants us to abide by His words and live the life of a good Christian. And what’s the life of a good Christian? It’s not simply that you’re a member of christianity religion and doing your obligations but living your life as God wishes you to live. He doesn’t want a Christian by name but in deeds also. God wants us to be humble and our heart to be open for His teachings for us to live what we learned from His words in the Holy Bible. Let God change our lives and make Him the center of it.

As humans we are all subject to commit mistakes but a true Christian should be submissive to God and repent on our sins so we can come to God for His grace to change our lives. As one of my favorite verse in the Holy Book ‘Seek first the Kingdom of God and all shall be added unto you’. In seeking for His Kingdom we may cross upon persecution but that’s inevitable. When you decide to follow and offer your life to God you should be ready for people who will persecute you for the path you choose to take. The path isn’t a road with bed of roses but at the end of it there’s salvation. Just be strong to fight with a good christian faith and all good things in life will follow. I’m not actually speaking of exceeding financial blessings but of the more important things we need that money can’t buy like peace of mind, spiritual strength, a good Christian life and joy in the spirit.

To help us understand God’s words and teachings we should always read the Holy Bible. It’s the masterpiece of our Creator and He let His chosen people with His inspiration write the Old and New Testament stories, testimonies of God’s works and prophecy. Bible prophecy was written in the Holy Book and it associates the past with the present and gives an insight to our future. The Bible taught us how people in the past suffered and learned from their mistakes.

It’s very important to read the Holy Bible because we can learn a lot from it which we can apply in dealing with our daily lives. To understand more we can visit and read online bible study and understand God’s plan for mankind. It will give us better understanding of the Holy Book and deeper insight of God’s words. It’s a free resource that will help us learn conveniently.


Unconscious Mutterings : Week#367

I say ... and you think ... ?

  1. Humbled :: Meek, Kind
  2. Buns :: Bread roll
  3. Snowstorm :: Blizzard, Snowfall
  4. Sweetheart :: Dearest, Beloved, Honey, Sweetheart, Precious
  5. Punch:: Blow, Knock, Thump
  6. Glass :: Tumbler, Mug
  7. Classical :: Old, Traditional, Conventional
  8. Heels :: High, Shoes
  9. Twitter :: Chirp, Tweet
  10. Husband :: Spouse, Companion, Other Half, Beloved
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