Thursday, April 28, 2011

Infectious Diseases and Birth Disorders

I’m busy attending to my sick kids’ needs as they have chicken pox since Monday. I don’t know if they got it from being in near proximity to their playmates or the intense heat we’re having now in our country. This summer season was announced and quoted as the season for infectious diseases like measles and chicken pox. The hot weather made these sicknesses harder to bear with fever and itchiness all over the body. I feel so sad for my little boy yesterday when he feels so hot, sick and itchy. 

Most mothers will feel the same way as I do when their children are sick and in bad condition just like what I’ve observed when I was in hospital. The mother felt so sad when she saw the abnormality in her new-born baby who was born with a cleft lip. Although we know that it could be remedied through surgery it’s still sad to learn that your baby has a disorder. Well I’ve read that this kind of disorder can be due to Topamax, an anti-convulsant drug which can be taken also for migraine headache. If taken by pregnant women it can be a cause for cleft lip or palate thus if you happen to be a victim of this you can ask help from professional lawyer and file a Topamax lawsuit to seek fair justice for the damages done. 

You can call or visit them at O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath – Personal Injury Lawyers – 808 West Avenue, Austin, TX. 78701 – 512-494-9949 so you can consult about your case.


Diamond Plating and Other Abrasion Solutions

I’m not much acquainted with industrial companies except that my Industrial Engineer friend talks a lot about her job in one of the manufacturing firms she has worked for. It’s strange to me to talk about these things but when she talks about the things she do in her job it’s worthwhile to hear it from her as I learn something in that kind of industry. I was also employed in a manufacturing company but it deals mainly in the production of transformers for computer peripherals and it’s mostly in the line of electronics and computers which relates to my educational degree. It’s my first job and I was assigned in header assembly and in some other departments. I learned a lot from that first job of mine and I enjoyed it but it’s not something that I can make a career so I entered the corporate world after some months of working there. 

Anyway in one of our chat this friend of mine shared about her problem in their work as they have to secure safety for their tools, dies and molds because they’re undergoing some difficulties in the maintenance. They need effective  metal abrasion and wear solutions for their equipment and tools and she’s really looking for the best company to do it for them. As it’s going to be a big factor in their manufacturing business they need to be assured that they will get the best solutions for their problems.

As I’m always online and versed in surfing for sites that can help me in my everyday needs I found Bales Mold which provides hard chrome and electroless nickel plating services which will solve and protect molds, tools, and dies from having abrasions and from wearing out. They also offer wet blasting services if there’s a need for this kind of service. With their diamond plating it can offer super abrasion protection with exceptional lubricity and release. It can provide the most advanced coating material and long lasting protection. Bales Mold have diamond chrome coating, hard chrome coating, NIHARD coating, NIBORE coating and some other coatings and finishes for abrasion problems.


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