Friday, August 21, 2009

:Looking at the Sky on Friday #38


I and Josh dropped by JennyL' house to bring snack from Ruth's birthday and since my bank is just two streets away we decided to take a leisurely walk at it's 5pm already and there's no more sun to worry. I also felt like having some shots on the area as I've seen the sky and liked the slowly creeping sunset mode. I kinda liked the different shades that formed in the clouds. It's really nice to walk sometimes because most often you'll get some nice shots! Do you agree?

Happy Friday! Visit more of beautiful sky photos here!


Facing Life After Rehabilitation

This modern generation with high technology gadgets and equipment has really gone so far in terms of innovations but modern science can’t cure the oldest addiction that affected human and that is drugs. As I can see it’s becoming severe as the years go. Greed must be one reason as illegal drug pushers keep enticing the youth to use illegal drugs. Becoming drug dependent starts with trying out then little by little you became comfortable with it which will then result in addiction.

There are many reasons and factors involved including family problems, peer pressure and lack of love. I know this by heart because I have a close relative who’s been a victim of drug addiction and when he stopped his addiction resorted to alcohol. He has gone treatment in drug rehab center for eight months and when he finally graduated the treatment programs I was convinced that indeed he has been cured because he looks and speaks well. He tried to change and return to normal life but when temptations courted him again he returned to his vices.

We tried getting him to church but he keep on saying later, I guess he’s not yet ready or was afraid to face the realities of life. His mother did everything to separate him from his friends who influenced him to drugs and now he’s doing fine. I came to realize that people who have drug abuse background and undergone rehabilitation treatment should be given enough love and care to survive life after rehab center. Without our help and God's guidance they will not be able to face normal life again.


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