Thursday, December 26, 2013

Family Bonding Vacation

The family is so busy with the things we used in our recent vacation in Baguio. Since I still have to go to office the kids helped DH in arranging things and the laundry as well. They still missed the cold weather in Baguio and the food that we ate there like strawberry taho, strawberry ice cream, jam, peanut brittle, lengua de gato and a lot more. For the adults we greatly missed the freshness of the fruits and vegetables which we bought in the farm. The price is so low that you would want to take bunches of the crispy vegetables home but we didn’t bring any car so we passed the thought. 

One thing that we missed up there is the guitar and piano because when we rest at night we love to hear some of the sounds from my daughter’s instruments because it serves as a lullaby to us. It’s not the beautiful alfred basic piano at Musicians Friend but it has served us for several years already. It has also been an instrument for my daughter’s learning and we love it dearly. We should have brought at least one musical instrument for our night bonding but anyway we enjoyed our vacation fully even without it.


How to Do Makeover Designs on Your Home

This time of the year we had some makeover in the house particularly in our living room where we entertain our guests and visitors. After years of having the old sofa made by my father we finally decided to replace it with another wooden furniture because the old one needs to rest already for serving us for 3 decades. We love having classic wooden living room furniture because it coordinates with our home style. We’ve chosen dark wood with a black finish to blend well with safari print cushion and our light peach walling. We then installed a golden ensemble curtains to complete the elegant theme. 

My Mom is very happy with the result and she was actually impressed and surprised as well. She didn’t know that we’re looking for new furniture in the house although she knows that our old one needs replacement badly. Installing and replacing old furniture makes or breaks your home interiors as your choice of furniture can affect your whole home ambiance greatly. Wrong choice of colors and style can make your home look like out of style while a good choice can transform your home into an elegant and stylish one. You can use some creativity if you want or if you’re not the stylish homemaker you can consult a friend or the experts to help you with doing a makeover of your home interiors. 

Choosing a good outlet store like can be a good step as you’ll have additional options what will suit your house best. If you choose among quality and beautiful products it will be easier for you to decorate your home interiors and furnishings. The staff of the store will even add creative ideas on how to supply your specific requirements and maybe add some more for a better home decors. All these things will add to your own ideas and finally give you good insights on how you will apply it to your home. Just plan before you buy for better and stylish home design.


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