Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Heads or Tails : Cause

Heads Or Tails

It's Tuesday once again it's time for our Heads Or Tails again.... The theme/prompt for THIS week, October 13, is: HEADS - "Cause"

I just want to share the help done by the Philippine Navy to victims of storm 'Ondoy' in Cainta, Rizal. Actually I was awed when I saw many trucks of them passing through the main streets of our town on their way to Cainta Municipal Hall. Their help was in full blast after the storm where they distributed packages which I think thousands of relief goods to residents infront of our Municipal Hall, that's of course in coordination with our local government and private groups. I even went there with my friend Jen because her friend donated some goods also. They were the ones who were in the front door and will ask the purpose of all people coming in. I've also seen them clearing the streets and made sure that all drainage along Imelda Avenue were clear from litters.

They were really there for a CAUSE and that's to help their countrymen recover from the wrath of the storm in anyway they can be it in distributing relief goods, maintaining peace and order during distribution and rehabilitation efforts.


Online Backup for Your Precious Files

I dropped by my daughters’ school today and had some news about their experiences on the recent flood. The school luckily saved their computers even though it happened on a weekend where the only person present is the school guard. He has the presence of mind to run for the principal’s office and secured whatever important things and equipment he can possibly saved.

For the other schools I’ve heard that their files were corrupted because the flood water has reached to a very high level that drowned their computers. It was just too bad that there’s no one who had the chance to save the computers. When I heard cases like these I always think of having online backup for my very important files, documents, videos and images. Backup is the safest way to assure yourself that whatever happens you can retrieve your files anytime.


Super Lazy

I’m super lazy today just like yesterday when all I did was to visit favorite sites, read various entries and dropped ec. The rest of the afternoon was rest day for my computer as I only resumed blogging past 10 in the evening. It was easier for me now to do some writing and finishing my tasks in the evening when my kids are already resting. For the past two weeks after the catastrophe we felt like drained and worn out after the busy storm days. Even my kids are not that super active except of course for my youngest who didn’t seem to have lost his vivacity over things.


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