Monday, June 14, 2010

Hazardous Work

DH resigned from his job who gave him employment for more than 18 years. The company considered him as one of the best they had in operations department. I’m very happy with his decision which I suggested two years ago. I was worried by his long period work schedule and lately he’s been feeling ill from overwork and fatigue. It was a job for two people and because he’s tried to do everything perfectly his health suffered. He has no choice but to obey the work schedule given to him even if it’s becoming a hazard to his health,

I remember a similar instance of health hazard work which caused the workers to suffer from asbestos mesothelioma cancer because of too much exposure to asbestos chemicals. I pity those workers who became victims of that rare disease because they were so innocent of the effects of asbestos on their bodies. It’s only when they incur the disease that they’ve learned about it. But it’s too late for them because the effect is there already.  I just wish that they will get fair justice for it.


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