Thursday, February 27, 2014

Pink Room for the Girls

Even though we still don't have enough for our dream duplex homes I'm having plans and designs on how the rooms will look.  I have flair for designing homes and remembered doing it with my sister on our school breaks.  It turned out only my big brother got into the field of designing and construction houses and buildings.  Both Redge and I decided to take up computer courses.  Well anyway it has remained a hobby for me to search and look for good layout plans and beautiful designs of houses.  Since everything can be found online little by little I collect designs that I found lovely for my dream home.  

This one suit my concept of a girls' room.  Since my girls are into teen years no more cartoon characters or teeny weeny designs in the room.  A touch of pink would always remain as I find it so cute.  My eldest has an artist blood in her heart that she can also add more designs of her own here if we did create something of this in the future.  Btw, I love the stripes on the wall, a respite from the normal plain walls. Nice concept!


Saturday, February 22, 2014

Upgrading Your Home

In order to maintain the beauty of your home you need to upgrade once in a while to refresh the look and to ensure that you’re getting quality materials for your home. Sometimes you get so bored with seeing the same colors and design and crave for something new or something unique that will create a different ambiance in your environment. Our home is where we relax and stay the most of our living hours and as such it should be the most comfy place in the world for us. 

I’ve known some friends who want to stay in their house as much as possible because it’s the only place that he feels safe, secured and at peace. It serves as his solace from the stressful corporate life he has and he didn’t even want to socialize if the venue is not at his home. He became a homebody after work and spends more of his free hours tinkering on his tools and gadgets to enhance and decorate his home. Well it’s worth it if we really focus on updating our home furniture and fixtures every now and then because we’ll benefit from it all. 

We can renovate parts of our house that need upgrade like our ceilings or floors. If you need to update the floors throughout your house it will not be so tasking if we search online for creative ideas and suggestive sites that will educate us on factors to consider when replacing our home flooring. You can browse some recommended sites like to ensure that you have a good comparison on the brands, designs and the prices. It’s easier when you do it online as you can do your searching and choosing in the comfort of your home. There are also plenty of offered deals and discounts that will match your financial budget. 

Anyway upgrading your home flooring makes a lot of difference as your flooring is the largest area in your house. Choosing the perfect flooring that will harmonize with your home will turn your dull environment into a beautiful one. You can choose from a variety of flooring that matches not just your home but your lifestyle as well. It all depends on the traffic of your house and the activities of the members of your family. 

You can create a traditional, modern, stylish or elegant look depending on the kind of flooring you choose. If you have toddlers or seniors and need a warmer and safer footing you can choose carpet. Whereas if you have active teenagers who spend a lot of traffic in your house and need durability you can choose vinyl and tiles. Each family has their own individual need and preference and it should be considered before choosing a replacement for your flooring.


Thursday, February 6, 2014

Criteria in Choosing Your Flooring

Our family’s financial budget is allocated in our basic needs and at times in small emergencies in life. Thus, we should be able to set standards in buying our home essentials to prevent repeated and frequent purchases of such things. We should remember that part of our basic expenses is maintenance of our home, the place where we build our family and spent most of our time. Sometimes we are spending a lot for our home because we need to repair, replace or renovate if there are trouble and malfunctioning home appliances, furniture and home items. 

When it comes to flooring you should think and consult someone who knows how to choose the right one fit not just on your lifestyle but on your specific needs and financial capability. We want the best for our home but it should be based on some important factors that determine the right flooring for your home like the foot traffic, current interiors that should match with the flooring and designs you want. Then you should also choose according to your price range, the one that matches your budget without sacrificing the quality of the product and the style you want. You really have to consider a lot before plunging into replacing or installing new home flooring. 

When you’re finished assessing the vital criteria you can now go ahead with the details of the flooring apt to your needs like choosing carpet, tile, vinyl or Stillwater hardwood flooring. It’s better if you have wide variety of materials to choose from so you’ll be able to match it with your interiors perfectly. Hardwood flooring offers not just classic elegance but durability as well. It also has beautiful shades of brown to accentuate your beautiful furniture and interiors. Most of the stores carry their exclusive brands and some other popular brands for the clients who prefer their trusted brands. Best of all stores should provide a guarantee that lasts for a long period of time.


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Choosing Hardwood Flooring for Your Home

One of the most important areas in your home is the areas that constitute or consumes a large space in your home. These large areas consist of ceiling, walls and flooring which extends from front to back and up to the upper floors. Thus it’s vital that you consider important factors in designing the colors and styles of these vital areas in your home. You should plan each and every design that you wish to install because it will affect the whole home interiors. It can make or break your total interior look. Of course a stylish and elegant choice can improve your home and a bad choice can destroy the good aura of your home. 

When it comes to flooring and ceiling it’s mostly colors and combination that makes it look beautiful unlike the flooring which involves some factors to consider. When you choose your flooring you should take note of your lifestyle and how elegant or traditional you want it to be. You should also consider foot traffic because it will determine your need for the most durable flooring to install in your house like Amarillo hardwood flooring installation. It involves the number of family members as the more you have the greater percentage you have to put in the quality and durability. 

This is where the brands come in and how high you need to invest on quality. Well you can always wait for discount sales where your favorite brands are offered in affordable price which is the best thing as you can get quality items without spending so much. For the hardwood flooring you need to decide whether the d├ęcor you want is reclaimed wood, custom-scraped wood or unique square patterns to attain the kind of accents you want for your home flooring. The wood itself and the shades are elegant enough to create a very beautiful ambience on your home.


Family, Summer and Music

The weather suddenly changed too fast last weekend and most people in the city regret the change as they want the colder temperature which they usually get when they visit Baguio. Well for me I welcomed the change because I got a stomach coldness last week and every time I was exposed to direct air conditioner my stomach crumbles. It was a bad week for me and I felt different this week because I can eat anything without fear of having stomach pain. 

Anyway I can feel the coming of summer with the breeze of air slowly becoming hotter, maybe not that hot this week but it will before the end of the month. Well for me summer is a happy season as it bonds the family. During summer we do a lot of family activies and short travels. It's also the times of sports fest, summer class and musical bonding with the kids. 

I can say that summer is a great time for learning new craft and other musical instruments or perfecting musical pieces. I will not be surprised if the sales on these instruments increases because lots of kids prefer to buy on this season where they can really have time to study and hone their skills. I also prefer to look for new accessories, nstruments on those dates like squier vintage modified strat at guitar center and many others. For people who plays guitar it's a great help to find everything you need.


Sunday, February 2, 2014

Home Area for Music

There are some areas in your home which seem special or become our favorite nook where we fondly stay most of our time. We all know that our home is the place where we feel relaxed and comfortable but there are certain corners or room which are more special than other places. For others they tend to stay most in living room where they entertain visitors and enjoy carefree moments with the family. Some families install their television in the living room for more bonding instead of having them in each room. Some like me wants to stay in the kitchen as I love cooking and preparing foods for my family is one of my hobbies. Anyway I can still carry and work on my laptop even I’m in the kitchen. 

Well there are others who spend a lot of their time in the music room for relaxing moments if they have designated room for it. My brother puts all their musical instruments in the attic where they also have their workout equipment. His kids play various musical instruments so he collects variety so they can practice and eventually perfect their craft. He’s an all-around musician as well. Yesterday after the debut celebration of his daughter he asked if I know where he can buy Denon dj mixers for his friend who also collects musical instruments and accessories as well. I advised him to search online so he can compare prices and brands of his choice.


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