Monday, August 30, 2010

iPhone App Development

I have a very busy schedule and I always find myself wishing that I could read my emails wherever I go or open some nice sites while waiting at the school or while my kids are playing at the arcade. It’s just that my work is based on all online things that I always have to be online or be updated with my incoming emails. With the latest craze in town when it comes to high tech gadgets I know that iPhone can do it all and it will make my work easier to cope up because I’ll have access even while I was in my little boy’s school. It also has an iPhone App Development that added up to its usage. Actually I can bring my laptop but it’s big and heavy and I don’t want to bring it to wherever I want. I don’t want to overuse it also so I’m thinking of another gadget that I can bring anywhere I want. I want an iPhone because it’s light and small but has many wonderful uses. I was just wondering when I will be able to save for its purchase. 

Anyway I browsed online and learned that Sourcebits has achieved the place for the official iPhone software developer and been very creative in developing much awaited iPhone Games Development, iPhone App Development and Android App Development for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android, BlackBerry and Adobe AIR. They have a strong group of 200 developers and designers who put their expertise in bringing their clients to high quality service and latest trends in the market. The more I surf and read about this the more I wanted to own an iPhone.


:Unconscious Mutterings - Week #396

I say ... and you think ... ?

  1. Bangs :: noise, loud, cheers
  2. Diaper :: comfort, baby, absorbent, cotton
  3. Coffee table :: books, coffee, chat
  4. Cops :: police, law officer, peacemaker
  5. Matches :: fire, spark
  6. 250 :: my last paypal withdrawal
  7. Hurricane :: calamity, Katrina
  8. Bad :: bad news, bad guys, karma, evil
  9. Confirmation :: affirmation, reservation, receipt
  10. Fiber :: optics, glass, foods
It's fun doing this. Come and join here!


The Missing Pencils

Here goes my little boy again. He lost his pencil again and it’s becoming a normal case now. I’ve talked with his teacher last month to help me with this problem and now it’s happening again. Last week his classmate pointed me where his other pencils are and the boy who got it returned the pencils to him. Now my little boy told me that his classmate borrowed those pencils to him. Maybe he didn’t want to embarrass his classmate. Oh boy! Hope with my discovery of that this frequent cases will stop because I don’t want to make an issue out of this. Now his notebook is missing and it’s supposed to be with his teacher. I’ll go again to his school this afternoon to follow up his notebook and hope I’ll get a positive answer. Their notebooks were bought from the school so it’s not that easy to replace it. Anyway it’s not his fault so I’m not forced to replace it. Meanwhile Josh brought temporary notebook to write on.


Education is an Investment

I attended a seminar in my little boy’s school and there were many good speakers but there’s one speaker that I remembered very well now. He said that having our children enrolled in a good school with Christian values is a very good decision. He cited some common terms of parents saying that educating children is very expensive. The speaker told us that education may be expensive but we should take it as an investment and not as expense. This is true because if you have sent your kids to good school they will experience quality education that will see them through finishing their career course and eventually find a good paying job. Just like when we invest our money on stable things like precious metals or gold bullion. It will not be an expense but a good solid investment that will give a high return of investment after several years. It can also be one of your best collections.


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