Wednesday, November 18, 2009

:WW - Dog & Cat Mansion - Heart Stone Table

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This is part of the dog and cat mansion in Bioresearch where they have heart-shape stone table, heart-shape pond and heart-shape playground (my entry last week). I just wonder if there's a real dog and cat mansion would the two animals survive living in the same mansion knowing that their instincts is to hate each other. I know I'm just imagining things lol!

Happy WW visit more entries -> here.


Stylish and Quality Bathroom Products

One of the most frequented places in our house is our bathrooms and as such we want all the comforts and convenience of such area in our house. We just had some major renovation in our bathroom. We actually almost built another bathroom with everything new in it such as toilets, baths, shower systems, tiles, lavatory and some accessories. With my earnings from my online work I indulged in granting my whims on stylish bathrooms with the help of my brother engineer who helped me chose designs and style.

It’s not that simple to shop for the complete bathroom as it also includes accessories, fixtures, lightings, cabinets and many more. You can really make your bathroom an extension of your good interior skills and I can say it was an exciting job to choose the items for our bathroom. If you really want the widest range of beautiful, stylish and quality bathroom products you can rely upon to give you a wide array of bathroom suites, furniture, toilet bowls, shower systems and enclosures, taps, mirrors, rails and even Jacuzzi.

I love looking at those bathroom suites on stock clearance sale where you can get as much as 50% off RRP and when you buy bathroom tiles after buying the suite you’ll even get an extra 20%. Well that’s fairly good deal considering you’ll get not only stylish but quality products also. You can’t have that deal on other suppliers and with the current economic crisis today the savings you get from that can be used for other house items you want.


Late Blogging Again!

I planned to write posts and entries after my kids were all geared up for sleeping. Gen and Josh have mild colds and I carefully monitored their medicine intake time so there will be no problem when they sleep. Colds can be irritating and hard on kids when they sleep as they feel they can’t breathe especially the little one who always tell me when he has colds that he can’t and he can’t breathe so what will he do. Now I’m happy that they’re both sleeping soundly and without any sign of colds’ disturbance. I’m just very late now in posting because I suddenly had some chills again. I just don’t know if it really comes from cold weather or I’m just too tired for the day!


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