Friday, July 30, 2010

:Looking at the Sky on Friday #87


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See the beautiful creations of God - the mountains, sky, clouds and lake. It was a rainy morning when I took the shot but still the scenery here is still beautiful despite the gloomy weather. You can see here the picturesque sight of the Philippines' Taal Volcano which may erupt anytime according to volcanologists last month just after we've been there on June 12. I'm still hoping it won't as there will be great damages with many settlers living near the place.

God's wonderful creations are always a beauty to behold! To visit more beautiful sky photos just click on the badge above!


Thursday, July 29, 2010

Need Some Therapy

I was so tired yesterday because our internet had trouble with connection and after eating my lunch I went to my cousin’s place to do my due tasks. I’m glad she has a different internet provider because most of the clients of my provider have the same connection problem. I was rushing because I only have two hours to do all needed works. It’s our bible study day and we need to leave the house at 5pm. I was feeling exhausted by then and thoughts of resting on massage tables keep flashing through my mind. Oh well I have to wait for my not-so-busy day before I can have massage therapy from my Mom. She can make all my tiredness and back pains healed with just a few touches of her hands. I’m looking forward for that day when I can rest and sleep after the massage.


Dependable Respirator

It’s the season again of colds, cough and other respiratory illness because of the sudden changing of weather. Early morning up to early afternoon the weather is so hot that you’ll wish you’ll never have to go outside then another moment heavy rains will come by. The weather is so unpredictable and it usually irritates people with respiratory sickness like asthma or those who have difficulty in breathing. My friend who is always with her handy oxygen would love having evergo oxygen concentrator on travel with her because it’s more convenient and longer to use. I know that it’s hard having asthma but if they have dependable respirator with them in tow it will be easier!


Risking Your Money

It’s hard to predict the stock market today you’ll never know what stocks are going to be high or low, well for novice like me it’s really hard but for professionals they know how to put investment on stocks. Still I don’t want to invest and gamble at the same time. Gambling for me is not only those vices that we know where people bet on something and then wait who wins. For me investing on things that you’re not familiar about is gambling enough. Why? Because you’re risking your hard-earned money on it and there are possibilities of losing your money. Wherein if you invest on tangible investment like when you buy gold eagle coins there are more probabilities of high return of investment. We know that gold has been time- tested to appreciate its value throughout generations so it’s also good for investing your money.


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What Kind of Book Are You?

You Are Mystery

You are a natural problem solver. You like figuring out the best way to do something.
You are very intuitive. You are good at picking up on people's moods and predicting the future.

You can't help but being a bit of a detective and a snoop. You always want to know what's going on.
And while you may have the scoop on everyone you know, you're not a gossip. You're a pro at keeping secrets.

Hahaha! I'm not a snoop for the record though a bit of a detective sometimes :-). I'm actually late on news and scoops and my office friends would always laugh at me because I'm always the last too know, must be busy or something lol! I'm very intuitive and can balance people with different moods that's why I was perfect for my job that of being an Admin Officer and Human Resource officer.


Great Help in Stretching your Budget

I like it so much to browse online for gadgets on sale. I always look for special discount deals and if I can afford it I consult it with the husband for advices if it would not hurt our budget. It makes a lot of difference when you buy it in discounted rates than the regular price just like when my friend bought her gadget on Cyber Monday sale. She was so proud of her best buy product because she was able to stretch her budget to other things needed in the house. It gave her lots of savings at the same time getting what she has wanted to buy for the last couple of months. If it were not for the discounts she wouldn’t be able to buy it.


Saturday, July 24, 2010

Violations of Federal Law

When we file for house loans, car loans and some other credits we are required to fill out pertinent information about ourselves putting emphasis on our financial capacities to pay the loan. In such application we are also requested to give some confidential information with a contract that all information will be kept confidential by both parties. How will you feel if those information you trusted them to keep will be sold illegally to marketing companies?

Of course you’ll be mad and that’s supposed to be the reaction of many people affected by TransUnion violation of Illegal Disclosure and anyone who filed loans between 1987 and 2000 who are at least 28 years old can file TransUnion Lawsuit to seek fair trial and payment for the damage done to them by TransUnion. The information sold was used in harassing people and for the unwanted calls. It was an alarming action done and O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath group of attorney is urging those affected people to consult them for the fair trial and settlement of the case.


Attracted to Door Chimes

Our baby in the compound can’t be stopped from crying when I suddenly touched the door chimes and she stopped crying looking where the chimes came from. Most of the times the beautiful sounds of door chimes really attracts the kids from what they’re doing. I also love door chimes and found out that there are variety of wireless door chimes available in the market. I should find another to attract more babies :-)


Fighting Tooth Stains

My daughter has strong and well kept teeth. She has her own dental doctor that attends to her dental needs. Unlike her elder sister she frequently complains of her teeth but if you look at her she has perfectly beautiful teeth. She had her general prophylaxis and general checkup and her doctor advised her tips on maintaining her teeth and one of the tips is to fight tooth stains.

Here are some ways to fight those stains. Brush after every meal. Make a toothpaste by mixing baking soda with a little hydrogen peroxide. Use a mouthwash with an anti-bacterial additive. Or make your own mouthwash mixing equal amounts of water and hydrogen peroxide.


Advices to My Kids

Everyday my kids would arrive home with assignments that eat up all their time in the evening. The students of this generation need a lot of things to make their assignments and projects. First they need to have a PC and internet connection so they can research all of their assignments unlike in the past that we only need Encyclopedia and textbooks and we’re fine. Now they need to have an impressive research and print them in good copy to get good grades. What if they don’t have PC and internet in their house? Well my daughter told me that her classmates would go to internet cafe and rent just to do their assignment which would mean extra expenses. What an expensive studying we have now!

So I told my kids to study harder and stay away from vices like computer games on weekdays which can ruin their study habits. I told them that when they grow up their discipline on themselves will make them good in their work. And when they succeed in their chosen field they can save early for their families, possibly invest on tangible precious metals and buy silver bullion. Just whatever they wish to do legally to secure their finances and augment their earnings would be good. As long as they have faith in God and they follow our teachings and advices I know they will be in good direction in life.


Friday, July 23, 2010

:Looking at the Sky on Friday #86 - Low Clouds


Click the image to see larger view

Why my title is like that? Because when I go through my file of our time in the resort I noticed that the clouds here are almost down on the land. Of course this is just an illusion because the shots was near the lake just few meters away and the clouds there seems so low, really! I really love the place because I had the chance to have my beautiful sky shots around the place. This shot was among my several shots of the place, the pool and the sky above the villa resort by the lake.

Summer days are perfect days sky watching don't you think? God's wonderful creations are always a beauty to behold! To visit more beautiful sky photos just click on the badge above!


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Shopping for Affordable Printer Cartridges

We always have a need for a printer because my three kids are all studying and they need it for their assignments, research work and projects. It’s hard to do assignments in the house and look for printing store somewhere around the corner. Sometimes availability is the problem and you’ll have to look farther for the printing of files. I bought a printer that contain printer cartridges that I can afford to buy. Most of the common printers now are very affordable but the new ink replacement would cost about half the price of the printers so it would be hard on the budget to buy replacement. When I buy printer ink cartridges I always look online for stores that can give me the most affordable price because I don’t want my budget be affected by very expensive purchases.

It’s nice to finally find a store that can give me not just low prices but quality products as well. I also find it very helpful to see the wide range of products they have in their site. They provide inks for 300 brands of printer. It’s easy to search and shop, you just select printer or cartridge brand then select your cartridge number of your desired printer cartridge and you’ll have your ink in as fast as same day from the date of your order. So for all your printer inks requirements visit and avail of their affordable printer cartridges.


Video Conference

My previous company was in the telecommunications business. During the several years of working there in the Administrative and Accounting Department I learned so many things particularly with modern communications equipment. I had a multitasking job and I worked hand in hand with technical staff in some facets of their work especially in International Carrier Settlement which required me to deal with international clients and associates using Web conferencing. It’s more convenient using this because physical appearance is not a concern so setting up meetings with them can be done immediately or anytime.

Modern innovations have changed the way most business operate. In previous years before Audio conferencing was used meetings were planned ahead of time based on the availability of the business people required, especially if they’re located in distant places. Now with the help of the Conference Group it’s even faster to hold instant meetings with this inexpensive communication tool.

This advanced communication technology has really done a lot of help companies and industries because it minimizes the time spent in organizing meetings and conferences but maximizes productivity. You can trust the Conference Group to provide you with technologically advanced Web, Audio and Video conference solutions to your business needs. The latter provides the most customized solution as you can see and hear all attendees present in the meeting plus it has some features that make the meeting more enjoyable with video streams, global access, multiple presenters and more. Visit their site as they can give a customized solution for your entire communications requirement.


How Healthy Is Your Diet?

You Are 64% Healthy

Your diet is quite healthy, but you don't too crazy with what you eat.
You know how to eat what's good for you, but you're also careful not to deprive yourself.
And that's the healthiest way to be!

Wow I thought I'm healthy enough but the number is low for me so I guess I have to give up some of my other cravings too. Well I've given up many but not chocolates, cheese and mayonnaise, are they so sinful! I'll have to discipline myself or I'll turn into a person that I will not be able to recognize in the mirror lol! I think I should get back to my diet last summer, just fruits and veggies for dinner. That's all for know because I don't think I can give up chocolates :-)


Inexpensive Way of Replacing Car Parts

Have a need for replacement parts for your car? Well it seems that replacing some parts of our car needs some finances too and when you’re not ready for the expenses might as well look for alternative solution. Maintaining a car is expensive and as they say it’s like having another baby in the family. You have to take care of it or you’ll suffer if the car suddenly stopped in the middle of the highway. Well this will not happen to you if all the parts of your car is in good condition and checked regularly. Maintenance should always have regularity in checkups and conditioning just like humans. You always have to check its engine, battery, lights, oil, brakes and tires whenever you travel especially if you’re travelling to distant locations.

When it comes to parts replacement you can replace it with used auto body parts as long as you have a supplier that you can trust to sell you high quality products like EverDrive which is committed to give their clients quality used auto parts. You can be assured you’re getting the right part, right quality and right price for your car. Well they can guarantee all their products with a 3-year warranty and with a price of up to 50% lower than new part prices. That’s a good deal to resist so try their products and enjoy replacing your car parts with less expenses.


Customized Closets

I have a growing family because my kids who were little girls and baby boy are now growing up as teenagers and my youngest as a little boy. With the fast growing up of my kids come the need for new clothes, shoes and some accessories for their things. Now even their closets seem small for them as their closet seems so full. Now I don’t want to buy closets anymore because our house seems like gallery of closets with different designs to choose from. I’m thinking of having a customized closet like that of closets Richmond I saw online. The Closet Factory I saw will customize design for you and manufacture them according to your needs and requirements. They will also install the custom closets for a complete satisfaction of the client.

If you really want to organize not just your clothes but the whole house as well they can also install storage for other parts of your house like kitchen, home office, garage and other storage requirements. If you want to see some of their designs you can visit their site and avail of their free design consultation.


Monday, July 19, 2010

Manic Monday #214

Imagine you have a hundred dollars, but you couldn’t keep it. You have to give it away to a person or charity. Who would you give it to? What would you want them to do with it?

I would give to our church for the outreach and missionary ministry. It will help our ministers to reach out far away places where we can share God's word and to visit some brethren who lives in the province

If you could cook any meal for your friends or family, what would you cook?

I think I'll cook one of my specialties 'pork hamonado' because it's my family and friends' favorite. Or I can cook aloha spareribs, hmmm I many meals in mind. I'll add some refrigerated cake and buco fruit salad also if I have the time. Makes me hungry thinking about those meals.

List 5 things you want to do in your life.

1. I want to travel in many beautiful places here and abroad.
2. I want to take up culinary or baking course
3. I want to put up a bakeshop store
4. I want my hubby to be able to finish his college course.
5. I want to spend my whole life with loved ones around me.


Affordable Family Vacations

I saw pictures of the beach the other day and suddenly I started longing for family vacation destinations at a beautiful beach somewhere. I like the idea of a Breezes family vacation resort, as they are beautiful luxury resorts at some of the most beautiful destinations in the world. I learned that they offer super inclusive family vacation packages on Jamaica Island at their Breezes Trelawny Resort, and I just dream of being there. Workaholics like me should be give themselves time to relax and enjoy a vacation getaway, and it would be great to do that with my family. I’m hoping that someday I’ll be hopping on the plane on my way to enjoying one of Breezes Resorts affordable family vacations either in Jamaica, Curacao, Panama, or Brazil. With great sun, great beaches, great activities, great food and accommodations I am sure the whole family will just love it.


Friday, July 16, 2010

:Looking at the Sky on Friday #85 - Before the Storm


Click the image to see larger view

This is a shot before the storm that hit Luzon recently. The sky is just beginning to show some darkness here but we didn't know that a big storm named Basyang was brewing up. No one was prepared for the big typhoon-storm because the announcement signal no. was not accurate. I was working online at past 11pm when the net passed off together with electricity. That's around the time also that I learned from twitter advisory that the level of typhoon increased. We came out of our house early morning to see our mango tree fallen together with other plants. We're thankful to God that He protected us from harm on that night.

Anyway it's still a good day for sky watching because we didn't know the storm then and God's wonderful creations are always a beauty to behold! To visit more beautiful sky photos just click on the badge above!


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Modern Outdoor Furniture

Our favorite spot in our place where we relax on the hottest hour of the day is our patio so we thought of renovating it and putting some Patio Furniture for more seating capacity of visitors. We’re doing this in time for the coming birthday of my two kids especially the little boy who will celebrate his 7th birthday on the first week of September. It’s the first place in the house where the visitors would come to so it’s best to make as look and feel good. Yes to feel good because it’s one place in the house aside from bedroom where you can really relax and laze around Outdoor Chaise Lounges so we might as well spend some money on making it cosier and really look nice.

I’ve visited CozyDays and found some Modern Outdoor Furniture that would certainly look nice on our patio. It will blend in our existing furniture there though some of them are not that modern in style. I found out that they have a variety of classic and modern furniture for all types of patio and they speak of high quality products yet inexpensive enough for me to afford it. They carry some nice additional outdoor dining sets, chairs, tables and furniture covers too. Well that’s enough for me to say that they everything one would need to make a relaxing and beautiful patio.


Monday, July 12, 2010

Fish and Vegetable Meal Plan

I’ve been thinking about the food I’m going to eat today when I decided to rest from pork and take fish instead. It would save me from taking best weight loss products because my office mate tried the fish and vegetable diet for three months and she lost excess pounds. In contrast to my food habit she can’t go on a diet without rice so she eats with 1 or ½ cup rice on every meal but with fish and vegetable only as viand. I saw how she eats her veggies. If there’s a pork ingredient on vegetables she will not eat the pork. I admire her strict discipline on diet and her prize is a body that can be compared to college student. She’s so slim that you can’t mistake her for a woman with two sons. I have my own pattern of getting slimmer but I’ve incorporated some of her tips to my own.


Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Week’s Vacation for the Kids

I noticed that my kids felt so tired after a day’s stay in their school. I know how tiring it is to study the whole day and have those assignments to do after school hours. My youngest will just change into his house wear and eat his snack after arriving and then he’ll start doing his assignments so he’ll be free earlier for whatever he still wants to do. My eldest will arrive next and will do the same. The other daughter arrives later and she has to be very fast because she has little time left before dinner and she gets tired and sleepy before 8pm.

Well with all these observations on the pressure of doing school tasks hubby and I are planning to give them a week’s vacation for them after the semester. When they learned about it they got excited and as early as now they’re getting ready for it. Well it’s a grand vacation like those national parks tours that we’re dreaming about. That tour will have to wait for a longer vacation period and longer saving period too. We’re just planning to have few days in the coolest region of the country and have some relaxing vacation there. Yes I’m dreaming of having those china tours because my former employer used to talk about it when he went there and it seems like I’ve gone there also. I was thinking now that he has never been to any canada tours in his travel destinations. I’m wondering if he’s not interested to go to that country. For me going there will be nice also because I have many friends working and living there for several years now.


Friday, July 9, 2010

:Looking at the Sky on Friday #84 - Sky Over Villa


Click the image to see larger view

This is again my shot from the Lake Villa Resort and this time I'm showing the sky above the beautiful villa house here where the clouds formed a perfect background for the house. It's so beautiful to look at and as always the sky is so beautiful!

It was a great day for sky watching! To visit more beautiful sky photos just click on the badge above!


Thursday, July 8, 2010

Exciting ATV Racing

I learned that that atv magazine caters for those people who love ATVs, UTVs and some of their kinds. Well with this online magazine you can subscribe and have the latest news and update information about ATVs. I saw that this is quite an interesting and enjoyable game to see that’s why many are hooked on this and can’t help subscribing to atv online magazine. I myself was amazed at the participants of this racing and imagined how it is when you’re there in real and not online only.


Enjoying the Freshmen Activities

I’m online most of the times during the day so I had a chance to look at the difference of phentermine compared to other diet products. This week I had a hard time being online for continuous hours because I had to round up my kids in their respective school. I just scheduled twice or thrice a week for my visit to my little boy and my second daughter. The eldest is already in high school and parents are not allowed to go there without specific concerns. Anyway she’s old enough to handle herself and she’s enjoying her time at the school being a freshman. The school has plenty of enjoyable and learning experience for the new students in school and it brings out the best of my young lady.


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

:WW - The Hanging Bridge

Click the images to enlarge pics

Just want to share some of our pics in Tagaytay Picnic Grove where we had some shots in the hanging bridge. The bridge seems a little unstable to me and it should post a sign on how many people should cross the bridge at one time. I could never let my kids cross that bridge alone for fear that their feet will be trapped between the wooden slots. Well in fairness it was an enjoyable cross there at it's exciting to feel the moving of the bridge every time someone moves. It's also nice to look beyond the breathtaking view of Taal Volcano across the bridge.

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Wedding Memories

Month of June has passed and the peak of wedding ceremonies has passed. As they say that the month of June is the most-sought after month for tying the knot. Many women dream to be a June bride and the month of June is always busy for wedding activities. That’s for others because we chose the month of May for our own wedding for our own personal reasons and I believe that the month when flowers bloom is the best time for saying ‘I do’ and it also symbolizes the month that our love begun to flourish. It’s always nice to remember how our love friendship flourish and developed into love just as the flowers bloom also in that month. Love has many stories and we have our own to reminisce, how I could ever forget how we bowed our love while slipping the wedding rings into our fingers. The memory of our wedding still gives us reasons to smile and be thankful to God for the blessing of finding each other.

Well we each have our own stories to tell and all started with meeting each other, dating and later if the love is strong and the couples want to spend their lives together they will be engaged. They will start looking for a ring that will be the symbol of their engagement or their willingness to commit their love like the diamond engagement rings which symbolizes forever. Not everyone can afford diamond rings and others opt to buy the other kinds like gold and silver.

We’re on our 14th years of being married and keeping the faith that we’re still the same until we reached our silver anniversary. For that matter we’ll again look for our second wedding rings and maybe we’ll choose a different kind from our original wedding rings. Just now I’m looking at men’s wedding rings at Danforth Diamond and can’t help admiring the beauty and elegance of their diamond rings which are all in platinum, palladium and gold. Well they’re all beautiful and stunning!


Monday, July 5, 2010

Top Droppers for June

Warm thanks to all my regular and frequent visitors here. Your visits and drops are much appreciated especially these top ten droppers who made visits to me almost everyday. Hope to see you again this month. I'm happy that I'm back again to dropping as you've noticed I had a hard time visiting you back previously. Guess I'm too busy with many things these past few weeks.

Dropper # of drops
Fledgling Blogger 30 28
Mommy's Little Corner 27
moms..... check nyo 27
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A Simple Life 27
Yummy-as-can-be 26
The Modern Mom 26
Photography by KML 25
Ramblings of a Haemophiliac 24

It's June again this time who topped the chart with Guitarbench and Liz following him. Liz got her 6 blogs again on the top.


Saturday, July 3, 2010

Relaxing Massage Therapy

I had a relaxing massage theraphy from Mom again after one month and as always I feel tired but refreshed after that. I was complaining again with my back and Mom told me that I really need a massage or I’ll not be fit to work today. It’s like having a spa and I feel like putting some spa filter so I can filter some elements that’s not needed. Anyway it’s not a spa but the tender loving care of my only one Mom in the world. The best for me of course. Although I’m not the best daughter I think lol! Well I had the massage early morning and so far I’ve been doing well in my work for this day as I’ve completed plenty of tasks in advance for its due dates.


Slimmer Brother

My brother went into a cleansing diet program for 10 days where he’ll go to a certain place and there he’ll drink a cleansing drink and they had a little community where they share experiences on gaining and losing weight. It’s a healthy way of losing weight and after the 10 day cleansing period they would start drinking herbal fat burner tea. I wonder if the hydroxycut max advanced will work just like what my brother is into because after just 10 days his tummy was remarkably smaller.

He invited me to join them while he’s into the weeks following the 10 days. He and his wife offered to accompany me throughout the cleansing period but I opt not to enroll because it would take my morning work off and I couldn’t afford the budget plus the time. I have many plans for house renovation and I’m saving for it so I’ll just stick to my natural diet, no time pressure and no expenses.


I Will Run To You

It's a nice weekend with the family. Everybody's home and having a day off from school and I always love weekends. We didn't go anywhere far today so I guess it's really a day off. We'll plan one weekend to go again to Montalban but today we'll just be here at home. We're singing as we work on our house chores here and while I'm doing my tasks. Here's sharing some of what we're singing now:

It's nice writing and doing my tasks while listening to inspiring songs like this. It's good to live in the glory of God's grace.


Bring Back Your Original Beauty

Skin is the largest organ of the body and utmost care should be applied on it as it’s sensitive to various elements. Most of us easily notice pimples, acne, freckles and some other imperfections in our face and sometimes we neglect the little black warts that popped in our face. Not everyone is aware that warts can multiply if we ignore it. My office friend informed me about this when she consulted her doctor and told her that her warts are multiplying so fast that it reached her neck and it’s becoming uncomfortable for her. It also gave her a blemished face that’s not so clean to look at and became so unattractive. After the treatment I discovered that she’s a good looking woman and the warts covered that beautiful face in the past.

That’s several years ago and the process used to cure her warts is a success but a painful one unlike now that there’s cryosurgery, an effective wart removal treatment method. It’s a better choice than other treatment methods because it’s less painful and you’ll have fewer scars. Cryosurgery has 3 options and the best of them is using Histofreezer which proved to be the most convenient and affordable to use compared to using other options. It’s the answer to those who fear the painful process of wart removal because it has less scars and blisters after the treatment. Most people are scared to have their warts removed because if you’ve seen others who have undergone treatment you’ll likely to feel the pain in their scars. My friend told me that you’ll have to endure it for three days and you’ll have to apply cream during the healing period.

It will be a great relief to know that Histofreeze will bring back the smooth complexion of your face, neck and other parts of your body which was affected by the warts. And that’s without enduring so much pain and less of the blisters and scars that the patient gets after the treatment. Get back to the original beauty that kept hidden by the blemishes of warts, visit Dealmed and avail of these products that will cure it. You’ll have your needed quality products at affordable prices you want.


Limiting Intake of My Favorites

I’m looking at my mug of coffee this morning and I’m trying to figure out if I can remove coffee in my morning meals. I’ve been testing myself of the favorite foods and drinks that I can give up so I will not need those best weight loss pills. I’m thinking that if I can slowly limit my food intake to healthy foods only I can say goodbye to my excess pounds.

I had a one-month test about this healthy diet plan last May and it gave me good results. I didn’t eat rice on lunch up to dinner for a month and replaced its bulk with fruits. It brought me positive results. My tummy decreased a bit and I surmised that if I continue it I will slowly lose more pounds. Now I’m looking at my chocolates in the fridge and I’m certain I can’t give that up. For the coffee I think I’ll just have it in the least.


Friday, July 2, 2010

:Looking at the Sky on Friday #83 - Sky at Picnic Grove


Click the image to see larger view

Sky watching is good at Picnic Grove and if you're like me who is so fond of taking sky shots this is a nice place for you. I actually had 3 dozens of shots which I stored in my photo files for my future posts lol! You can see here my shots in the left wing of Picnic Grove where thousands of meters were allotted for playing, picnic, kite flying and of course sky watching. This is just below the souvenir and dining area.

You'll notice that my shots were the upper and lower shots of the same area. I took a high level area where the sky and clouds are majestically looking down the mountains. While my picture with my kids and church mates were a shot below the mountain. Just point my cam up and down and I had my two shots!

It was a great day for sky watching! To visit more beautiful sky photos just click on the badge above!


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