Saturday, July 24, 2010

Advices to My Kids

Everyday my kids would arrive home with assignments that eat up all their time in the evening. The students of this generation need a lot of things to make their assignments and projects. First they need to have a PC and internet connection so they can research all of their assignments unlike in the past that we only need Encyclopedia and textbooks and we’re fine. Now they need to have an impressive research and print them in good copy to get good grades. What if they don’t have PC and internet in their house? Well my daughter told me that her classmates would go to internet cafe and rent just to do their assignment which would mean extra expenses. What an expensive studying we have now!

So I told my kids to study harder and stay away from vices like computer games on weekdays which can ruin their study habits. I told them that when they grow up their discipline on themselves will make them good in their work. And when they succeed in their chosen field they can save early for their families, possibly invest on tangible precious metals and buy silver bullion. Just whatever they wish to do legally to secure their finances and augment their earnings would be good. As long as they have faith in God and they follow our teachings and advices I know they will be in good direction in life.


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