Monday, October 25, 2010

Just Starting to Get Ready for the Holidays

It’s only days before the month ends and two months before the busiest holiday of the year. I noticed here in our community that people are only starting to shop for artificial christmas tree and decors unlike the past years that they started decorating at the start of BER months at the first days of September. People are getting more economical and thrifty these days that they opt to spend their money first on the second semester tuition fees of their kids before shopping for Christmas decorations. It’s also the election of barangay officials and youth here so that’s maybe one of the reasons why they delayed the festive start of Christmas holiday.


Caring for Daughter’s Sensitive Skin

DH and I are so glad that all our kids are in good health condition now free from common sickness such as colds, coughs and fever. Now I’m taking care of their intake of Vitamin C in a natural way. They’re having Calamansi concentrate with pure honey everyday as their juice and telling them to eat the fruits that I usually buy for them especially oranges and pineapple which is a good source of fiber. 

My eldest seldom get sick but her feet is very sensitive to dirt and leather skin of shoes and slippers. I’m teaching her how to take care of her sensitivity so she won’t get infected with eczema and other skin diseases. I had a relative who suffered from that skin disorder and I saw how painful it was for her. Because of the not-so-modern technology in the past decades she had it for years before she discovered the right treatment for her. Now they have all the modern techniques and medicines to cure skin diseases.


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