Friday, September 16, 2016

Music Upgrade in the Church

It’s always a good thing for me to update our musical instrument in the church because quality instrument brings about good music. Praise and worship wouldn’t be so good without a good musicality and with that a clear and good-sounding background instrument is the only solution. Well our church is not rich as its members are ordinary people only but we strive hard to save money to invest on the things we need in our fellowship. 

The ministers had their special meeting to give attention on how we can source out funds for new musical instruments and they came up with a timeline that will give ample period for the members to give their share. Since we all want an inspiring singing during our Sunday and Wednesday fellowship it’s not hard to ask for pledges from all of us. Just now I was browsing through avalon u5 and some other equipment and accessories that would be a nice addition to the instruments we’re planning to buy.


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