Thursday, May 16, 2013

Youth Participating in Music Ministry

Our church ministers and youth involved in the music ministry will have their practice on Sunday afternoon and it will also include training our young members who are interested in music particularly those who wants to play musical instruments. Well my kids are all interested but the most enthusiastic one is my daughter Gen who plays both keyboard and guitar. 

Our head minister in-charge in the music ministry told her to concentrate more on playing piano or keyboard because there’s no one in the youth who is interested in that particular musical instrument and being a lady it’s best for her to play the piano. Well my two other kids would also want to play piano and drums but it will take some time to train them. 

Our music ministry is also doing some inventory on needed instruments, accessories or repair replacement for the existing musical instruments. They’re also looking into a drum pad from musicians friend if we could afford it. Since it’s crucial to have instruments in perfect working condition during our praising song it’s always a must to check their condition if they’re still good or need some repair or replacement. We’re glad that the music ministry head is always doing some inspection together with his co-instrumentalist.


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