Sunday, September 5, 2010

Her Ambition Took Her to Her Dreams

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That's what my college friend did when she dreamed of working and living in Canada when we're still studying. I remember her getting requirements and information from the embassy. She had a very good job here in one of the top power company where she had a big salary but she and husband still applied for Immigrant in Canada and when their papers were approved they left the country and stayed there without job for 6 months. Their separation pay from their stable job here had supported their stay and when they’re beginning to think if they will go back or stay they found a job and that’s where their story if living in Canada had begun. They moved to another place, buy a house and started their life far away from their family and relatives. My friend’s ambition took her to places and she deserves it because she’s very good in everything she does and she has served her parents well. When you asked her what’s the best thing about moving there she would answer that her kids has improved their health. The climate there cured the regular cough and colds of her kids.


Missing My Healthy Diet

I miss my healthy diet now as I slowly parted from it. The hectic schedule I had for the past 4 weeks has taken its toll on my body but it’s not as if I lost some pounds. The effect of my tiring works and several Mom duties led me to forgot my healthy meal plan and eat what’s on the table without being choosy. I can’t prepare a different meal for myself so I eat what I prepared for the whole family. It’s becoming a habit now for the last couple of days to blog until midnight or an hour after that and for me that must be the culprit why I have to go back to a healthy diet or have some workout. 

I noticed in the gym near the school that they have several equipment that can pull up bars, dip bars, abs strap, stationary bike and some weight lifting materials. Of course I would love to have a regular workout and exercise to reduce my bulging tummy but for now I will not be able to arrange my time.


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