Sunday, September 5, 2010

Missing My Healthy Diet

I miss my healthy diet now as I slowly parted from it. The hectic schedule I had for the past 4 weeks has taken its toll on my body but it’s not as if I lost some pounds. The effect of my tiring works and several Mom duties led me to forgot my healthy meal plan and eat what’s on the table without being choosy. I can’t prepare a different meal for myself so I eat what I prepared for the whole family. It’s becoming a habit now for the last couple of days to blog until midnight or an hour after that and for me that must be the culprit why I have to go back to a healthy diet or have some workout. 

I noticed in the gym near the school that they have several equipment that can pull up bars, dip bars, abs strap, stationary bike and some weight lifting materials. Of course I would love to have a regular workout and exercise to reduce my bulging tummy but for now I will not be able to arrange my time.


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