Thursday, September 13, 2012

Computer Technology Education in Secondary Schools

If we want students to learn basic computer knowledge and to keep in pace with advanced technology computer education should be supplemented with complete computer packages. Though this will incur expenses government should aim for higher computer education standard so public school students will not be behind those who are in private schools. 

DH observed in his chosen school of field studies that the students are given enough computers to study what should be learned. The school is equipped with computers, printers, computer peripherals and other related equipment needed in computer technology subject. There are also valuable informative guidelines posted in computer laboratory room to guide the students in their computer learning. 


Finishing Touches in Residential Construction

My brother renovated his ground floor and now it’s in higher elevation and looks a lot different. When he looks for new tiles for the renovated flooring he also canvassed for some claw tubs for one of his residential projects. His clients are getting trendy these days that they want the latest designs in their bathroom accessories. I told my brother that he really should search online for the latest style and designs available because there are more suppliers online.

Good enough he’s now having his own list where his customers can choose from. I now believe what he’s saying in the past that finishing touches in construction is the most tedious and meticulous side of construction. It also eats up more time and patience. Well customers are now more demanding also so Engineers and Architects should be on their toes always for the latest designs and technology in residential construction.


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