Monday, May 31, 2010

Missing Our Old Car

My Auntie told me about the car that’s currently on sale just a few blocks from them. She told me that the car is still in its best look and condition but she forgot to ask the model and brand of the car. She laughed when I asked that because she forgot to look or ask for that lol! Anyway we’re just fine for now because anytime we wish to use my brother’s car we can borrow it. I’m just used that every year we arrange for our car registration, look for cheap insurance quote and when we have time and extra money we buy small accessories for our car.

Actually I missed our old car and very time I see a car similar I look for the plate number immediately hoping it could be our car. The buyer of our car told me that they will recondition the car and when it’s ready they will drop by so I can see what they’ve done with it. Anyway I’m just being sentimental over it


Sickness Brought About By Too Much Heat

I thought it’s going to rain in the morning because it has grown dark while I was hanging our clothes to dry. It never rained up to this hour but the weather is not that hot as I can still breathe fresh air in our backyard. When the rainy season comes I hope skin diseases like rashes, acne and some other skin related disease will lessen. Well for problems on this you can click here for information.

Also, I know the prevailing chicken pox outbreak would stop as it adds problems in the community. It may not also be conducive to school opening as cases of this disease will multiply for sure. So I was really hoping for a change of weather as this current hot season posed much danger in people not only on skin-related diseases but also on heart-related sickness.


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