Monday, January 4, 2010

Holiday Sickness

I’m back from vacation from work and the holiday was so fun and happy although it made my health suffer from over fatigue. Up to now my limbs are somewhat numb and I have some dislocated veins. I’m so hopeful that within this week I’ll be well and good with the help of my Mom’s wonder massage and rest. I’m not blogging seriously for the past few days except some pre-posted greetings here. For my online tasks I just started today with slow and careful watch how my typing and exposure to PC will affect my health. I have lots of ideas to share, plenty of pictures to post and many activities to write but that will wait until I’ll be 100% well. For now I’m visiting few blogs, managing my emails and just doing my due tasks. My brother has been very busy with their camp meeting also and they have hundreds of visitors from provinces that’s why he’s asking me if I know some shops who will do rv repair because one of their RVs showed signs of disorder. They need it to be repaired as soon as possible so the owner will return to their province sooner.


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