Friday, January 28, 2011

Like Twins

My kids are growing up especially my two daughters who have passed the years of being little girls as they’re now 13 and 12 years old.  When several years back they were asking me to buy them doll houses and kitchen things toys now it’s a different thing.  Since they always use usb drives  in storing their assignments and projects for printing they’re asking me if they can have their own and if possible they want custom usb drives so I can have their names printed on it.  These two girls of mine always have their things in two’s and sometimes identical.  If I buy something for the eldest then I should get another for the younger daughter.  They’re like twins since they were babies.


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Planning Their College Courses

My second daughter will graduate from primary school this April and as early as now we have to decide where she will study in her secondary level. Our decision is to send her also to TUMCCS where her elder sister is currently studying. They always have the same school since preparatory and they’re always together as they only have one year gap. This is the first year that they study in different schools because Ruth is already in first year high and Gen is only on her sixth grade. Now if things pushed through they will again go to the same school and together in their school service. They’re like that since they were born. They’re like twins although they’re not identical and we’re thinking that they will have to adjust when they go to college as they will have different school preferences for their chosen college course. 

Now we’re discussing their ambitions, likings and would be courses in college and we told them that whatever they want to pursue we will support them. We’ll try our best to let them study in the best schools that will give them quality college education. They’re now searching through different schools with expertise on business, education, arts and sciences as those are they inclination as of this moment. Ruth told me that one of her classmates is aiming to study in beauty schools like Regency Beauty Institute that will give high quality of education pertaining to her chosen field of education in beauty. Her family is in that field of business and they want her to manage it when they grow old. Studying in that kind of school will give her a big advantage in running a business in the same field.

This blog post was based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit or contact Regency Beauty Institute – 10217 North Metro Parkway West – Phoenix, AZ 85051


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Guide in Wealth Management

I always heard of things like how the family’s wealth will be divided among the heirs. It’s sometimes a complicated issue especially if there are many siblings to share parents’ conjugal properties This happens mostly to families who have above average status of living because they have many properties, businesses and financial savings. It’s really important for head of the family and his wife to plan everything from their businesses, realty investments, properties up to all other invested interest that should be divided fairly among their rightful heirs. Anyway this should be done not only by rich people but also those who have average living as well. Management of properties should be done by anyone who has some properties to divide among children and relatives.

With this kind of things to settle you will need to hire the services of experienced professional who deals with wealth management, probate and administration of estates, wills and estate planning, taxation advice, administration of trusts and other legal things. They will guide you in managing your estates as to how you will divide it among your family, relatives and special heirs. They will give you reliable advice on how you will do one of the most sensitive and critical decisions in your life that will affect the lives of your family after you leave this world.


Saturday, January 15, 2011

In Good Running Condition Now

I’m glad that the car has been repaired and in good running condition now after the calibration and gas filter was cleaned. We’ll just have to check the tires and buy a new wiper motor and we can use it again. It costs us a lot but it’s worth the money because we can now plan any weekend activity we have in mind. We have an open garage unlike my brother who has an enclosed garage for his new car. Actually he’s asking about store for garage door parts because he wants double security lock. Anyway we’re planning to improve our garage soon so DH can conveniently clean and trouble shoot the car anytime he want to be it rain or shine.


Friday, January 14, 2011

Replica Jaeger-LeCoultre

LeCoultre & Cie, located in the small Swiss village of Le Sentier in the Jura Mountains was the original owner of LeCoultre trademark. However, in 1985, Jaeger-LeCoultre officially replaced the former trademark, after it expired.

Jaeger LeCoultre manufactured the famous Atmos, which is a non-winding mechanical clock. One of the most unique features of the model is its capability of independently deriving its total energy requirements from small changes in its environment. Minute changes in temperature or atmospheric pressure are sufficient to serve this purpose. It requires no human involvement whatsoever to function with unproblematic efficiently.

Jean Leon Reuter of Neuchatel, Switzerland, who was an engineer by profession, designed the initial Atmos in 1928. It is generally agreed that the clock unofficially called Atmos 0 was invented prior to the 1928 model. However, this was a non-commercial trial model that operated by an expansion device, containing mercury in an inbuilt glass tube. Even the smallest alteration of a degree in temperature was sufficient to self-wind the clock for a continuous use of up to two days.

Manufacturing of the first marketable model of Atmos 1, that used ammonia and mercury power source, was commenced in France in 1929. Consequently, its commercial production was taken over by the company in 1935. A second version of the model, later on to be named Atmos 2 was initially developed and publicized in 1936. This model used ethyl chloride alternate power source, which has remained in constant use till today. However, due to persistent problems, its full production failed to start until 1939. Successive models have successfully produced more than 500,000 clocks, based on the original design.

Timepieces available as Jaeger-leCoultre replica watches, perfectly copied from models of the famous original Atmos collection, are a constant source of inspiration that can be readily compared to the devotion displayed by its creators.


Easier Shopping

I’m glad that it’s now easier to shop than the last few weeks because stores are not crowded. It seems that people are not so much frantic about shopping for things as the holidays are over and we’re back to regular days. I remember last month when you have to wait in long line to pay for your purchases. The barcode scanner keeps on scanning the items and I’m glad it never failed to do its job or else the long line of shoppers will never be finished. Almost all shops and stores uses barcode scanners for safety purposes and easier than manual punching of prices. My little boy was so amazed at the scanners that every time I pay at the cashier he would try to see how the cashier uses it.


What Matters to Him

With plenty of church celebration, holidays, dinner dates, reunions and other activities my weight got worse. I gained pounds and this month I have to go back to my health regimen if I want to have a healthy weight. I envy my husband for having a good metabolism that he didn’t have to think about using the best mens fat burner because he didn’t gained so much this holiday season although he has good appetite. When we got married we both have slim physique but now my size got bigger up to three times my previous one that I really have to go back to my workout exercise and healthy meal plans. I blamed him for my weight because he always say that it doesn’t matter if I’m overweight or if I’m fat just as long as I remained the same girl that he married. Well to me it matters so I’m determined to reach my goal.


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Online Freebies

I’ve always love getting discounts from my purchases especially when I shop for my home accessories and in groceries. I don’t exchange cheap items for quality but I look for my brands’ discount sale. Sometimes when I’m given free sample products I tried them and when I come to like them I take advantage of their affordable price because new products usually vie with the old known brands with their cheaper offers and good deals. When it comes to clothing I wait for the season’s sale because at that time of the year I get my purchases at discounted price of up to 70%. That’s when I need the items because I don’t usually shop on my whim. 

It has been my goal to avoid getting unnecessary items to prevent from having bad finances. In short I’m a smart shopper and I only buy what I need and not what I want. There are specific times that I buy all I want but that’s when I’ve saved for the things that I like. There are better priorities in life and that’s where I focused my family’s budget. Now with site like I’m glad that shoppers like me can get free samples and freebies online. They provide a way for shoppers to know about the latest free samples by mail, free makeup samples, free stuff, sources where you can get free movies and your favorite music. There are plenty of online freebies that you can get to know from their site like what I’ve just downloaded now free software and online games. I also saw some free milk formula samples from doctor and free car battery evaluation. You will find variety of free from this site so it’s better to check it out now.


Saturday, January 8, 2011

She Prefers Her Current Phone

There are many types of high tech mobile phones now but I noticed that my manager friend from my former office still prefers blackberry phones than any other phones. I remember her changing mobile phones frequently but when she bought the phone in the US through her sister living there she never changed her phone. It seems like she love the phone’s features more than others. She’s a heavy phone user and I guess she’s comfortable with her blackberry phone that even though she can afford to have other phones she prefers to maintain her current phone.


He’s Growing Up

I checked on Josh school things, uniforms and superhero clothes and realized that he has indeed increase some height despite our thinking that he’s still a small kid. He was often mistaken as a kinder kid even if he’s already a primary student. I looked at his halloween costumes when he’s on his preparatory school and noticed that he has gained some height and it looked smaller now. My little kid is slowly growing up more on the intellectual side and he’s yearning to know everything. 

His teacher has been telling him these past few days that he might be transferred to the cream section next year which is a little sad for him as he’ll be separated from his cousin if the other will not make it through. Josh is not in the first section because he’s considered as a transfer grade one student. One must be a student of the school since preparatory level. Anyway it’s not a big deal to me as I want him to enjoy school days with his school friends that’s why I opt for him to be transferred next school year rather than last August when he was recommended together with 2 other classmates.


Friday, January 7, 2011

:Looking at the Sky on Friday #110: Thanksgiving Sky

Click the image to enlarge

This was my shot on our Church Thanksgiving last 29th of previous month.  We were having fun at the biblical Pinoy Henyo games when I saw this beautiful view of the sky.  It was indeed awesome! It reminded me of the many things we should be thankful for the previous year's blessings.

I  really love sky watching wherever my cam takes me. God's creations are indeed beautiful. Visit more beautiful sky photos just click on the badge below!



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