Saturday, January 26, 2013

Musical Instruments’ Inventory

Our music ministry in our church is currently having an inventory of all our musical instruments and noting some instruments that need repairs, replacement and proper maintenance. To avoid further damage to some instruments little kids were not allowed to play them during break time as sometimes they sneak in and play on drums and microphones. Last month we bought some accessories and replacements for drum sets and we’re happy with the results because it sounds new again. 

Musical instruments should really be maintained properly in order to perform well and to last longer. Well upon complete inventory they found out that we still need additional acoustic guitar so we can carry it for outdoor services and a new amplifier to replace the old one. We all know that it’s a bit expensive to buy a new one so we’re still canvassing on prices. It’s good to buy high quality classic fender excelsior but we still have to save some money for that kind. When we buy instruments for the church they usually meet and plan first, ask the opinion of others then proceed with canvassing and purchasing.


Her Son’s Music Interest

My friend’s son is a member of the band in his school and when he reached secondary school he continued with being a member. Their band is always included whenever there’s a parade in town showcasing various schools and organizations in our town. My friend is such a proud Mom always accompanying his son on all performances he attends to. Well it’s kind of tiring sometimes especially when parade is done in the afternoon but she has no complaints as long as her son is happy with his chosen music interest. 

Suddenly the band needs cheap clarinet reeds and she asked me if I know some good suppliers. She’s in immediate search for a good store because their next performance is only two weeks away. I’ve taught her to find online shops so she can search and compare prices. Hope she’ll be able to find soon as they need to arrange their instruments soon.


Friday, January 18, 2013

Why Hide When You Can Decorate Them?

Cables sometimes ruin the looks of a good home design and we always find it hard to hide them all. I experience this with our computer area in the house where I always think of ideas on how to minimize the clutter and not-so-good looks of cables for computer, printer and internet.  Sometimes I hide it at the back of the table and some at the back of the printer but nevertheless I can't achieve the clean look.  Those cables are so important to me but the area really looks messy most of the times especially that our desktop computers are for my kids.  

Well just looking at the picture above makes me relax at the sight. With this I don't have to hide the cables I just have to decorate them so instead of looking messy it will add a decorative look to the place.  Such fantastic idea and I will surely do it in my computer room and to other place in the house.  This time my creativity will have to surface so I can think of nice decors for the cable.  You can try it too.


Monday, January 14, 2013

The Warm Softness of Carpet Flooring

Everyone loves to come home to a cozy, warm and beautiful home because it’s the place where we rest from the hustle and bustle of the outside world. Most of us spent our hard-earned money to make our home the best place to live but just don’t have the skills to choose the right interior design. This is the reason why my brother’s client in residential construction depends on him on whatever design he has for the home project. His services include advice for the right wall, ceiling, painting, some interior decors, and lightings, flooring options, furniture and some other accessories. 

His opinion is always asked whenever his client wants an additional design or revision on the house. Well not all people have the same requirements and preferences in home design and decors as it depends on their lifestyle, budget allocation and their preferred home style. Most of my brother’s client prefers the traditional beauty of tiles as it can endure all kinds of weather and available in various shapes, colors and styles to match your specific taste. For the stylish client it creates endless possibilities with the mix and match floor design you can do with the tiles. 

But for some who wants comfort, colors and warmth they prefer to look through wide variety of flooring in carpet stores. As most parents would love to protect their kids in their first years of walking they feel safe having the soft carpet to care for the young infant and toddler’s feet. Anyway young and old alike can benefit from the warm and welcoming carpet which can be so foot friendly and stylish with so many designs available. Carpet One will make it all possible with their wide variety of flooring options like carpet, tile, vinyl, laminate and hardwood flooring. Coming home will be more inviting and welcoming with beautiful flooring on your home sweet home.


Saturday, January 12, 2013

Looking Forward to Summer Vacation

Time flies so fast and the first month of the year is running so fast it’s almost the middle of the month. My office mates and I were always talking how fast time is because you’ll be amazed at how the days gone by and few days after now it will be the end of the month. What I’m looking forward now is the most favorite vacation of all which is the summer vacation. This school and summer break is the longest vacation for students in a year so we’re doing all efforts to enjoy being together with the kids. 

I would again love to spend some days in Montalban where we get the best weather and nature while not being far from the city. I would just see to it that I have my prepaid broadband on the go so I’ll stay connected while away from my home internet. I also promise myself to buy a new camera and laptop bag like the northface bookbags I saw recently. I need a tough bag for my precious gadgets and working tool so I want high quality bag which I can only get from known brands. I always want my things organized so I’ll look for something neat and simple but high in quality.


Friday, January 11, 2013

Customized Services for Florists

Women love flowers and since the old generation it has been the most thoughtful gift that a woman can receive from a man or from her family and friends. Flowers signifies love and known to symbolize caring. People used to give it as gifts for anniversary, to pursue woman, to give to sick people and to soothe and calm down temper. It’s always present in debut, wedding, school programs, church fellowship services and all other special occasions. As such many women especially those who love flowers so much choose flower shop business to devote their time.

Having this kind of business not only makes them happy but they can earn as well. I’ve known some friends who made flower shop business a very lucrative one. Their business started as a hobby only then when it flourished it became their main source of income. There is money in selling flowers and you just have to know a good supplier that will be able to give you good supply of flowers at a cost that will give you enough room to have a profitable price.

In most shops I know the flow of the business is steady and stable but the peak of their business comes with the occasions that demands for a big supply of flowers like Valentines day and on weddings. But they can do more as flowers are needed in everyday living, there’s no boundary in getting good profit from this kind of business. All they need to compete with other businesses is a good exposure that will make their florist shop popular to prospective clients.

With the help of companies that caters to SEO of flower shops like  Florist 2.0 you can make your business popular to online searchers. They offer customized bundle of services such as custom web design, ecommerce on our special florist platform, professional monthly SEO monthly marketing consulting and mobile marketing solutions. With a good traffic and SEO they will work hard on your business and that would mean more orders from clients.


Thursday, January 3, 2013

Quality and Affordable Flooring for Your Homes

Beautifying your interiors doesn’t always mean being expensive. We all want our homes to have the best furniture and decors but it usually takes a sizeable amount of finances to achieve our dream. Since the basic essentials of our house are walls, ceiling and flooring we must ensure that these basics should be designed with careful planning and beautiful design. 

As ceiling and walls are done beautifully with expert painting it’s the flooring that needs meticulous choice to ensure that it will be in harmony and balance with the furniture, decors and the whole ambiance of the house. Again we can choose the right floor tiles that will be appropriate for our budget as there are plenty of options for your needs and budgetary allowance. 

If you’re living in the area near or within Richmond you’ll have the benefit of enjoying budget-value flooring tiles without sacrificing the quality of your needed flooring materials. Floor Trader of Richmond sells an extensive selection of laminate, carpet, vinyl, tiles, hardwood and area rugs at factory-direct price with savings of 20 to 70 percent. 

They’re the largest ‘in stock’ dealer of floor tiles and with that they buy in huge stocks allowing them to get great discounts which they pass on to their clients. They also have exclusive brands and special flooring products that they can sell also at discounted prices. Purchasing your flooring tiles from them give you not only affordable prices but quality products as well.


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