Friday, March 19, 2010

:Looking at the Sky on Friday #68


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It's Friday once again and I always love posting here my share of looking at the sky. I got here a photo of the condominium building directly in front of our church and I have a nice view here because we're renting at the fourth floor. I have the privilege of taking a low or high shots. For this week I've chosen my shot of the full upper front building where the beautiful sky and clouds serve as the perfect background for the condo building. I wonder if the tenants know how beautiful their place is. I would love our house to have a picture like this one.

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Optimum Protection from Sun’s Heat

My Mom told me to bring protection from sun every time I choose to go out of the house. I’m just not used to using umbrella on short distance walk to store. Mother knows best because if the skin is always exposed to sun it will dry out and possibly develop some wrinkles. I don’t want that to happen to me because I’ll need anti wrinkle cream like strivectin if I develop too much wrinkles.

I’m fond of reading reviews on just about any topic and I came upon some reviews about this product not being a complete cream for wrinkles and was introduced first as a cure for stretch marks. The review dwells on the product incapacity to be what it claims to be. It’s not complete with needed ingredients which make it not an ideal one to use if ever I should need one. Now that I don’t have wrinkles yet I guess I can just stay away from sun’s heat and avoid overexposure when outside the house. Of course optimum protection must be in hand always. Anyway there are lots of alternative and I’ll search for it when I have the time.


Pizza Snacks Within Short Distance

Just had my snacks with my Mom and three kids and we tried the new store few blocks away from my house? It sells pizza with toppings like bacon & mushroom, bacon & cheese, hawaiian, ham & cheese, mushroom & cheese and pepperoni & cheese. The kids chose ham and cheese and ordered fruit shakes to drink with the pizza. They also have French fries, dimsum and different sandwiches. It’s just the regular community pizza and the taste is only ordinary nothing special but for pizza lovers like us it’s just fine, anyway the price is only from P75-P120 so it’s really affordable. What’s important is that we can have pizza now whenever we want it. We can even make a call first before we go there so they can prepare it before I pick it up.


Control Your Sweet Cravings

I had some good cravings for foods mostly sweets last month and a friend gave me a sachet of healthy coffee to somehow control myself from wanting too much sweets. I know I’m drinking a healthy variety but on me it acted as appetite suppressant because it didn’t only stopped my sweet cravings but suppressed my appetite for other foods as well.

Most of my friends know that I want to shed some pounds but I want it the healthy and natural way and if that coffee had that kind of effect on me I think it’s not for me. I stopped it immediately and relied on my own conviction that veggies and fruits will do better. I just need to spend more time on my daily exercise as I don’t have enough of that this month. Not for being slim and fit only but generally people should have regular exercise and balanced diet in order to be healthy. I need to focus on that.


Fighting My Headache

I’m loaded with tons of work and I’m planning to work until night so I can finish all tasks before the cutoff but time is running out on me I don’t think I can finish it in my desired time. Anyway it’s not task assignment due date that I’m beating but the pay cutoff so if ever I failed to finish it all it will just be fine. I’m starting to have some headache but I will not let this hamper my work as I’ve already put some Chinese ointment. I don’t want to take medicine as I’m afraid if it will make me sleepy. I can work until midnight or dawn but when sleep overpowers me I have no choice but to stop. Now that I’m inspired to work and write I’d better make it fast before my weak side take over.


His Time to Leave

I heard from my friend working in a hospital that one of the frequent killer diseases these days is colon cancer. I was surprised because in the past decades we never thought that it could be one of the diseases that can harm people so much that it can be a severe kind. I’ve read colonix review and some testimonials of people who survived but so far I’m still not sure of its causes and prevention.

I’m just sad that the husband of my cousin died from colon cancer without any single symptom and idea that he has been suffering from this disease. He just complained about his stomach and when they consulted their doctor they learned that he has the cancer already and the stage is severe that it only took no more than a year and he died from it. He doesn’t have a single vice, he has a healthy lifestyle and he has not been subjected to stress or anything. Well I think his sickness serve only as a reason for his final farewell to his family and his time has come to face our Creator.


Balance of Work, Attitude and Responsibilities

Did you experience making one person’s day beautiful because of your kind words? I’ve been to a lot of that kind of situation in my work and I must say people like me for having the nice words to say to them when they needed it most. I’m always burdened with the task of laying the rules and reprimanding those who can’t abide by the rules. But I don’t like doing it. It pains me to see my staff and co-employees’ faces when I hand a memo or make them understand the standard rules in the office. Worst thing is telling them that we don’t need their services anymore after nearly six months of employment.

It’s hard to work in the Human Resource department, you need to be tough and not a soft emotional human like me. Although I was able to do all my responsibilities in the office I felt it’s not my world. So I did my work with a balance of being an officer with respectable attitude and the heart of a psychologist who’s always ready to understand their situations in life. Being a born-again Christian helps but the whole job was really a tough one as sometimes my emotions were defeating me. Now that I’ve left my corporate job I shared some experiences in my blog and hope to help others who are in the same situation.


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