Friday, March 19, 2010

Control Your Sweet Cravings

I had some good cravings for foods mostly sweets last month and a friend gave me a sachet of healthy coffee to somehow control myself from wanting too much sweets. I know I’m drinking a healthy variety but on me it acted as appetite suppressant because it didn’t only stopped my sweet cravings but suppressed my appetite for other foods as well.

Most of my friends know that I want to shed some pounds but I want it the healthy and natural way and if that coffee had that kind of effect on me I think it’s not for me. I stopped it immediately and relied on my own conviction that veggies and fruits will do better. I just need to spend more time on my daily exercise as I don’t have enough of that this month. Not for being slim and fit only but generally people should have regular exercise and balanced diet in order to be healthy. I need to focus on that.


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