Friday, September 16, 2016

Music Upgrade in the Church

It’s always a good thing for me to update our musical instrument in the church because quality instrument brings about good music. Praise and worship wouldn’t be so good without a good musicality and with that a clear and good-sounding background instrument is the only solution. Well our church is not rich as its members are ordinary people only but we strive hard to save money to invest on the things we need in our fellowship. 

The ministers had their special meeting to give attention on how we can source out funds for new musical instruments and they came up with a timeline that will give ample period for the members to give their share. Since we all want an inspiring singing during our Sunday and Wednesday fellowship it’s not hard to ask for pledges from all of us. Just now I was browsing through avalon u5 and some other equipment and accessories that would be a nice addition to the instruments we’re planning to buy.


Monday, September 12, 2016

Learning Your Craft

Learning is a good way to let your mind grow with knowledge and be skilled as well. There are various ways on how you can learn but you should focus first on what field you want to study based on your interest and capabilities. Knowing these things help a lot in reaching your goal because you’ll be guided in the right path of your life. Learning is difficult in the first stage but you’ll get used to it and come to like the benefits despite the challenges. 

It’s just the same as music. When you want to be good in playing musical instruments you’ll start the difficult first stage of studying the basics then slowly you’ll be able to play simple notes and chords. As your learning stages move up you’ll be able to enjoy playing simple music up to doing the complex ones. As you go along your music education you will not just enjoy what you are doing but you will master your craft as well. Some sites will be able to help you along the way like musiciansfreind and some others that will give you insights on variety of musical instruments and accessories that you will want to use.


Friday, September 9, 2016

Open Attitude on Alternative Styles of Learning

Sometimes conventional methods of engaging a child in learning don't work. It is during these moments that we have to be open-minded enough to consider alternative methods of learning. Sometimes we forget that learning can be fun and we become too rigid in the methods that we use to teach. Although most children do well with traditional methods of learning, every once in a while we are challenged to find other tools and methods to encourage and promote learning.

The Power of Observation
If you struggle with a child who has lost interest in learning, it is best to let go of the struggle and simply observe. What does the child enjoy doing? How does he usually approach enjoyable tasks? Does he or she seem to learn by watching, visual, or doing, hands on? Could it possibly be a combination of both? Once you ease up a little and allow the child to learn freestyle until you can figure out what type of learner he is, tension melts away making way for observations that yield answers.

Asking Questions
Once the tension from struggling has subsided, a lot of room is left for relaxed open-ended questions. The answers to these questions should unveil many solutions and ideas for a more personalized approach to learning. Once the atmosphere becomes more relaxed and stress-free the child may feel that his or her ideas are being considered. This often leads to a more open and cooperative learner.

Listening for Clues
Most children are vocal about their feelings regarding everything. Take the time to listen. Once you've heard what the child has to say and you understand it, use the information as a springboard for improved and personalized methods of learning. For example, if a 12-year-old expresses interest in reading a journal of dentistry, resist the urge to judge anything the child is saying. Instead, use the child's interests as a vehicle to teach as much as possible. Just listen. If you can figure out the child's attitudes and beliefs about learning, you are in a much better position to talk about them and perhaps dispel those beliefs.

An open and non-judgemental atmosphere are what a child needs when it comes to learning. Taking the time to listen and observe how the child learns, what methods are problematic, and what methods work, are all effective. Most importantly, an open attitude toward alternative styles of teaching and learning is key to nurturing a healthy educational environment.


Thursday, September 8, 2016

Clear Braces In The Mouth

When you think about braces, you probably think about the metal brackets in the mouth that are sometimes not very attractive. You're often restricted as to what you can eat and what should be avoided so that you don't break the brackets. Clear braces Clayton MO dentists and orthodontists offer are an option. The clear braces are a benefit for those who don't want a mouth full of metal. They really aren't braces at all as they are plastic trays that fit over the teeth. The trays will need to be changed every few weeks as the teeth move. This often means that you won't have the clear braces as long as you would traditional braces as the teeth sometimes move in a shorter amount of time. The orthodontist will make a mold of the teeth at the fist visit and often use a computer program to make the trays for each visit after that depending on how the teeth shift.

The aligners can be removed while you're eating. For those who don't want to give up popcorn, chips and the other foods that are frowned upon with traditional braces, then this is a huge benefit of clear braces. If you want to chew gum during the day, you can take the aligners out of the mouth, chew the gum for a short time, and put the aligners back in the mouth so that they can continue to straighten the teeth.

Removing the aligners also makes it easier to clean the teeth. You can brush and floss like normal, placing the aligners back in the mouth once you're done. This will help to keep the teeth healthy and sparkling while they are being straightened. It also makes it easier to visit the dentist and get the teeth cleaned as the dentist won't have to deal with getting around the brackets in the mouth. With metal brackets, some food particles can hide where with clear braces, you can prevent bacteria from building on the teeth since you can clean the teeth in a better manner. The aligners can be removed at night for a short time so that you sleep comfortably, but it's advised that you leave the aligners in the mouth for as long as possible.


Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Invisible Bookshelf

Source: via Race on Pinterest

We always want an organized study nook clear of unnecessary stuff but sometimes we have so many books to keep and store.  One solution is to maximize your space in such a way that you keep it in style so it will not look cluttered and messy.  Looking at the picture above helps me to think of ways on how to help my kids arrange their study area with lesser space and maximized arrangement.  The study lamp is also cool and slim.


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