Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Reaching Up Our Goals to Succeed

We all want to succeed in life and we know that the fastest way to it is through education because compared with riches on earth knowledge can’t be stolen. My Mom always tells us that it’s the best thing that she can give to us as inheritance. Well of course there are lands which you can say are good and bankable goods that we can pass on to our children but they can also be corrupted or taken from us. When you study and graduate with degree you can apply with confidence and getting a job is the start of reaching you dreams.

For some getting into business is also one way of educating yourself in another field of learning and when you have mastered your business it can also give you the culmination of your dreams. Success doesn’t have to be standardized because it is measured by the happiness that you gain from your work, business or anything that you want to do. You can have business or invest on something tangible like my friend who buy gold coins to ensure himself that he’ll get a great returns on his capital in the coming years.

We all have different views on reaching up our goals and we have various actions on how we can do it. Most importantly we should do it without stepping on someone else’ feet, we should come out successfully without harming others and with all these in stride we should always thank God for the blessings that He always bestow us.


Teaching Kids to Have Goals in Life

Everyday after reaching home from school our little boy would narrate all activities and happenings they had in school. Today he talked about how they transferred to the third floor of their school and watched the program about national heroes. He was every inch a story teller when he do it and I told my Mom that he could be a good journalist or blogger. He really liked his new school and for three weeks now the excitement is still at its peak. I told him to study hard so he can reach his goals of being an Architect and he wouldn’t have a hard time applying for a job. As his Dad would always say to him and his elder siblings to study and dream for whatever they want to be. It’s good to impart the value of education to your kids so they will have their own goals in life.


My Little Architect

Josh came home telling me that he has good news for me. I was really expecting some good news but I laughed when he told me that his good news is about the holiday and that there will be no classes today. So that’s good news for my little boy and although I know that he love going to school I can’t help but smile that he considered it good news. I was actually checking some extra lighting fixtures when he told me that and upon hearing his news I let him see the beautiful Maxim lighting I surfed upon. He’s interested on all things about houses and its interiors. He wants to be an Architect one day and he’s always drawing houses and all the things that he wants inside his house.

Well he got it from all of us; I and my siblings were all fond of making house plans when we’re only students. We just got busy when we already have jobs and it’s my big brother who continues his flair for drawing and building houses. He became a Civil Engineer and he put up a construction business to concentrate on it rather than spending his time in public office. He likes it better to practice his profession in actual construction of residential and commercial building. I’m really happy with his decision and his eldest will join in the business after few more years because he’s into Civil Engineering studies now.


The Homebody Test

Your Home is Comforting

You believe in putting your needs first, and you avoid depriving yourself.
You are likely to have a home full of your favorite things - from soft pillows to delicious food.

You believe in living in the moment. If you feel like having home baked pie, then you'll have home baked pie!
You could never feel at home in a sterile or unpersonalized house. The best homes feel lived in.

A home should be comforting enough because it's our security and private zone. It's where we mend our broken hearts and dreams when we need to. It's the place where you can be your own self without pretense and much effort. It's where we build our dreams and start our family. In our own home we always like to cook up something good and special not for the visitors but for our own consumption. We like eating and having some picnic around the house or in our patio. We like comfort and enjoyment in our own home because it's where our hearts are.


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Imparting the Value of Education

Education is really important and if you have it you can make your way to whatever you want to achieve. It’s more than a treasure to me, it’s more precious than expensive jewels and it can your weapon in facing life. I’m very thankful that despite my Dad’s disability when our eldest was just entering college my Mom made it possible to continue their dream of sending us all to college. My Dad had a stroke in his early fifties but that didn’t stopped them from giving us the education we need.

We all graduated with degree with my parents’ determination and help from God. I shared our experience to inspire those who don’t have enough money to send their kids to school. Hard work and prayers are two important things that we should remember and everything will follow.
Now we’re extending the same principles in life that our parents imparted on us and despite the hardship of earning money we’re still looking forward to seeing our kids reached their dreams. I was thinking of having some investment if the need arises because in four years’ time I’ll have my eldest enter college and as early as now I need to save and put money on sure investment. DH and I can buy gold coins anytime we deemed it right to invest. I’m positive that it’s a good investment and can help us in the near future when we’ll need more finances for my kids’ college education


Sunday, June 27, 2010

Spa Mart

I have so many blessings these days that I have to work hard to finish doing all the blessings of work. I’m really glad that I chose to resign from my job and work online in the comfort of my home because this way I can take care of my family while helping my husband to earn additional income too. When I work on so many tasks I always see to it that I’ll rest the following day to recover and regain my strength. How I would love to dip in a spa hot tub and relax my senses. Well it’s nice if you have one in your house so you can enjoy it anytime you want.

And for those who have a spa hot tub in their house I found a one-stop shop for spa covers, cover filters, hot tub covers and hot tub cover care products. They offer a wide range of products from different manufacturers so you‘re sure to find one that’s fit for your requirements and needs. We really need the spa hot tub covers to maintain the quality and look of our hot tub because it can protect it from dirt, dust and many other elements. They also offer accessories and cleaning products for your spa hot tub. Visit now and see their wide variety of products and discount spa covers. You can avail 5% off if your orders are over $200. Offer is for limited time only so checkout their site now.


Friday, June 25, 2010

:Looking at the Sky on Friday #82 - Overlooking Laguna Lake


Click the image to see larger view

The sky was so beautiful that this boy chooses to climb the wires to see the sky and lake more clearly without the obstruction of these wire walls not seeing me having a shot of him. He's my nephew and he's with us on my Mom's birthday at the resort. It was nearly 5pm and the sky and clouds were great at that time. The wires are the resort's boundary from Laguna Lake which is a beautiful site also.

It was a great day for sky watching! To visit more beautiful sky photos just click on the badge above!


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Personal Injury Lawyers

I’ve seen many accidents in the past because we live nearby the national road and if there’s a commotion outside it’s usually about the accidents that happen in the road in front of our compound. I always felt nervous whenever I hear sudden breaks of cars and trucks because that would mean an accident. Accidents happen unexpectedly because there are drivers who didn’t know the proper way of driving and of following road regulations. My friend was a victim of drunk driving and he was hit on the road when the driver lost his control of himself. It was a tragic accident and he almost live on the wheel chair for 2 years. He didn’t sue the driver because he thought that his family will suffer if he will be jailed. For me he should have seek the legal services of good lawyers like denver car accident lawyers so the driver will learn his lesson on following the rules of driving.

On other similar cases one should go to their lawyers like denver accident attorneys to help them with injury cases. They provide the best personalized attention and expertise needed to win the case. You don’t have to think of payment while the case is going on because you only pay them when the case is over and the settlement is done. You’ll get the real help of denver personal injury lawyers you need to seek justice from the wrongful acts committed by the reckless drivers. They will fight for your rights. They cover personal injury cases like car accidents, brain, back and spinal cord injury and wrongful death. Visit their site and get to know their services better.


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

:WW - Josh Overlooking Taal Lake

It's his first time to see Taal Lake this close. The last time he was there was when he was just one year old so this is an exciting day for him. He enjoyed the whole day even if it rained most of the day as you can see from the pictures that it's a little blurry. We're there for his Daddy's Discipleship Training. I assisted some of my sister brethren in cooking food for the ministers.

Happy ww even though I'm not wordless :-) Click the badge for more WW entries!


I love coupons and discounts

I always love to shop whenever there are super sale because discounts are plenty. I remember buying my kids’ black shoes last March because my favorite shoe store has discounted tags on various shoe items. We were lucky that Gibi shoes are one of the brands on sale. I got three pairs of shoes for my three kids at 50% off the original price. That’s a happy thing for me same as having coupons when I purchase my favorite items online like books, children’s items and many more.

I just love shopping with discounts especially when it’s online as I can avail it immediately with the use of my credit card or paypal. Easy and affordable shopping isn’t it?


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Custom Polo Shirts

Do you know how a good advertisement and marketing strategy can do to your business? I’ve been involved with helping marketing department on thinking ways to promote our products and services. We thought of giving away free prepaid calls and we’ve printed eye-catching brochures just to inform the public of our products. We’ve also posted banners on areas that’s been frequently visited by foreigners because they’re the ones who really need to call their loved ones abroad. That’s just for us who were into telecommunications but for other businesses who want to get the best of their advertisement I noticed that getting custom polo shirts of your specific style can do some good promotions of your company because you can your logo and company name printed on it.

Commercials on TV is the best form of adverting your goods but it’s way too expensive for smaller businesses so think about of affordable means that will be able to promote company without hurting your budget. You can have quality and stylish embroidered polo shirts and womens polo shirts ordered at Lead Apparel which will look good on your staff when they wear them and will serve as free promo marketing when people will get to see the company logo imprinted on those. Visit them and checked on their affordable quality products that can make your products popular and still remain positive on your marketing budget allocation. I’ve checked them out already and saw their range of products available in various styles and colors.


Monday, June 21, 2010

:BM/MYM/RT: Princess' First Birthday


Click the image to enlarge pic

This is a late post due to a busy schedule. Our baby here Princess Kriselle turned one last May 28 and she's already walking around a month before her birthday. Princess is growing up so pretty and I can't help remembering how she resembles her mother Giselle (my niece and goddaughter to my first cousin) when she was a little girl. Giselle was one of my flower girls when I got married and she's as pretty as her daughter.

Anyway we celebrated Princess' birthday happily with plenty of food prepared by her ninongs and ninangs (godparents). We had pasta, crema de fruta, 2 birthday cakes, buco-pandan salad and many more. I gave her a pretty standing doll and I'm glad that she liked it at once though her Mom kept it until she can really play it.


Saturday, June 19, 2010

Taking Vitamins is Essential

I saw that sis and Mom had been taking their vitamins regularly and I was alarmed that I wasn’t taking any vitamins. I’m not even having ascorbic acid which is very vital for my health. I remember being very consistent in taking vitamins when I was pregnant and taking my prenatal vitamins like prenate dha. I know then that I should be healthy and strong for my baby so I didn’t miss a day taking them as per my doctor’s advice.

When it was years after my last birth delivery I was not that regular in having vitamins because I’m more accustomed in having natural vitamins such as fruits and vegetables. I believe that we need well balanced diet and nutritious foods to become healthy. But now I think that my sister is right when she told me that I should also take ascorbic acid every day because I learned that it protects the body against oxidative stress.


Credit Card Consolidation

Living a life full of anxieties and worries will make you look older. So if you want to stay young and looking good all causes of your problems must be eliminated. Did you know that one of these causes is having multiple debts that have a high interest rate like loans and credit card debts? Many people have suffered from it because they didn’t know how to manage their money wisely. Worst thing is that it can haunt their dreams. Yes for those people who worry a lot it can give them an unhealthy mind and body. We really should make an effort to limit our debts if we can’t get rid of them. If you have credit cards you must learn how to use it properly and with discipline. If we spend like millionaires but earn regular incomes only we will see ourselves with bad credit soon and will probably need consumer credit counseling teams to help us in our financial dilemma.

We really should make the basic essentials our priority in spending. We need to be careful in spending our money because extreme debt will lead us to bad credit. This will also lead us to seek a credit counseling service in order to regain our good name marred by a bad credit reputation. Well Consumer Credit of America can give you what you want because they offer free counseling to those who need financial advice, debt consolidation, credit card consolidation and some support for improved future money management. You can have your multiple loans consolidated into one loan only with monthly payment and at an interest rate you can afford based on the assessment of your income. In time you’ll soon be debt and trouble free.


Friday, June 18, 2010

:Looking at the Sky on Friday #81 - Sky at the Villa


Click the image to see larger view

Shots from Lake Villa Resort where I really had a great time with my favorite hobby of sky watching and of course shooting sky shots. I had tons of beautiful sky shots on that day and all I have to do is pick from my collection to post my entries. I'm prepared for the rainy season :-) We're blessed with a nice weather that day even if the whole of that week gave us rain showers. It did rain but on the night of my Mom's birthday celebration just as we were preparing to sleep.

It was a great day for sky watching! To visit more beautiful sky photos just click on the badge above!


Knowing Some Health Facts

Some close relatives of mine died from different cancer diseases emanating from complications in blood, lungs and breast. We’re very aware that a great percentage died from breast cancer and we’re now very careful about it doing everything and researching information on how to prevent this deadly disease. It helps to know the symptoms, prevention and possible cure of disease because you may be risk-free if you avoid the factors that cause them. My Mom says an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure so I strongly believe in learning and studying some Health Facts to help us understand the current diseases that afflict us.

I just browse a site that educates the people about certain cancer diseases like lung cancer and I was eager to read all the informative articles written there. I learned that it starts with the formation of tumors and these can be benign of malignant. One just stays in one place but the second one invade tissues and that’s where cancer begins. Its good knowing and surfing a site like this because you’ll learn a lot. Cancer is a very dangerous disease that must be cured immediately at the first stages because it’s easier to treat it at the first onset.


The Perks of Having Work at Home

I feel so sleepy after lunch time and I know it’s due to tiredness after accompanying my little boy to school every day. It’s not that really tiring o wait for him as I love doing it. I’ve done it with all of my kids when they were in preschool and early grade school but on going to school only because I have my office work then.

Now I have all the time in the world to monitor and check on them and I just made some adjustments on my work-at-home tasks online. If I’m busy in the morning I schedule my blogging on my free hours in the afternoon but if I’m busy the whole day I’ll make all my tasks at night. DH helps me with the chores so there’s no pressure about it. It’s the perk of having an online work-at-home job you can adjust your working time and be very flexible. Thanks God I’m given the chance to be one. Now I can give more time with my family.


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Invest for your Future

As DH resigned from his 18-year old job because of health issues he’s thinking of some ways of earning money through starting up a small business. Aside from having a small business we’re thinking of investing some of our earnings on bankable investment like stocks or gold. It’s different if you have some investment because it will help you in your future needs like college education of our three kids and possible additional capital money for our business. I studied and learned that precious metals appreciates value throughout the years and if you buy gold coins today you’ll be ensured of a high return of investment in the following years. Unlike other investment that seems to go low or high depending on the economy of the country gold remains in its high value.


Excited Little Boy on the First Day

It’s Josh first day in school last Tuesday and I smiled at his excitement every day. I accompany him at school because they have irregular classes this week, they only stay in school up to 10am but next week they will have their regular classes up to 2:35pm. Everyday my little boy will tell us that he’s excited about his first, second, third and this afternoon he told me that he’s looking forward to his fourth day and his first P.E. day.

He also had his first flag ceremony in school and he’s all smiles and beaming with excitement. His eyes tell it all. I had the chance to take a shot from not so far distance secretly :-) and will share some of the pics here later! The most exciting part is that his first cousin Matthew turned out to be in the same class too so that’s part of his being happy also.


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Diamonds are Forever

Marriage is a serious thing and it should be done with careful thinking and planning. Of course it should be based on strong foundation of love and affection and not just liking the person. For me couples should walk the path of friendship, courtship and strong engagement before entering the serious involvement of all which is marriage. Consultation with the elders can also be helpful and good factors in deciding to plan and prepare the wedding proper. To hold a strong bond of serious love and relationship couples are engaged first before being married and the excitement of choosing engagement rings follow. It’s an exciting part of any relationship and it’s an indication and proof that both are really serious enough to marry and love each other forever.

There are different kinds of engagement rings around the globe and it differs on the kind of people who are getting engaged. For people like us who are the average kind of couples simple but elegant rings would be enough as long as it will also last long to serve as a symbol of love for each other. Well for the rich and famous they chose diamonds most of the time as they say ‘diamonds are forever’ and if it signifies love I surmise they want their love to stay forever also.

I’ve found the best site for various classic and elegant styles of diamonds of which diamond solitaires remains the popular choice of many couples. For those who want simple and elegant rings this is the best choice. More often being simple is more beautiful and this diamond solitaire will stay as beautiful and simple forever. Just like the love the couples have for each other.


:Unconscious Mutterings Week#385

I say ... and you think ... ?

  1. Offense :: hurt, nasty, hateful
  2. Bench ::seat, workplace, counter
  3. Kissing ::affection, care, love
  4. Timely ::well-timed, opportune, appropriate
  5. Yellow :: pallid, pale, gold,
  6. Get up and go :: work, study, walk
  7. Beer :: drink, alcoholic, tipple
  8. Calories :: measurement, food intake, food meter
  9. Blast :: bomb, grenade, explode
  10. Window :: pane, glass, casement


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What Is

Many people love to shop online. It's convenient, allowing shoppers to browse clothing, furniture, shoes, and virtually anything else from the comfort of their own homes without having to deal with crowds, traffic, and finding a parking space. It also can help save you a lot of money. Online retailers frequently have promotions that are not found in their stores. Their goal is to encourage shoppers to buy online. These promotions can include free shipping, a certain percentage off, and more.

Finding these promotions takes a little work, but there are some sites that list the promotions of many online retailers. One of these sites is This website lists online promotions like coupon codes and other deals. You can browse the offers by category, such as computers or clothing, or you can type the name of a specific store into the search engine. The site also lists top offers that are current. You can also set up preferences to have offers and promotions from your favorite stores emailed to you as they come available, so you never have to miss out on special savings. There are also offers and promotions that are only available through this particular site. These offers are easy to find because they're marked as "exclusive."

Using is free and does not require registration or signing in to access the website. You can redeem the promotions in different ways, depending on the online store and its preferences. Some stores simply offer coupon codes that you enter into a designated box as you check out, while others are automatically applied after you click through a special link. Online shopping is convenient and can provide great savings if you know where to look for special promotions and offers.


What Does Your Least Favorite School Subject Say About You?

Disliking Foreign Languages Says You Are Creative

You are creative, non-conformist, and a rule breaker.
For you, foreign language is too structured. You don't like the exacting standards set in a foreign language class.

You believe that close enough is good enough. You are definitely not a perfectionist.
You're more likely to make up your own language than learn an existing language. You rather create than mimic.

I do like almost all subjects that's why I chose foreign language because it's the least favorite. I also like the subject as it excites me to learn different cultures, tradition and languages but not all languages. I'm contented to learn to speak and write well in English, in other languages I find no reason now to learn because I'm here in my own country and besides English is the international language. I will like it more to learn different dialects of my country.


Monday, June 14, 2010

Hazardous Work

DH resigned from his job who gave him employment for more than 18 years. The company considered him as one of the best they had in operations department. I’m very happy with his decision which I suggested two years ago. I was worried by his long period work schedule and lately he’s been feeling ill from overwork and fatigue. It was a job for two people and because he’s tried to do everything perfectly his health suffered. He has no choice but to obey the work schedule given to him even if it’s becoming a hazard to his health,

I remember a similar instance of health hazard work which caused the workers to suffer from asbestos mesothelioma cancer because of too much exposure to asbestos chemicals. I pity those workers who became victims of that rare disease because they were so innocent of the effects of asbestos on their bodies. It’s only when they incur the disease that they’ve learned about it. But it’s too late for them because the effect is there already.  I just wish that they will get fair justice for it.


Saturday, June 12, 2010

Our Second Dessert and Snack

We’ve finished our dinner and I’m glad it’s fish this time and watermelon for dessert. But wait I’m still not through as they’ve cooked the supposed snack this afternoon and made it our second dessert. From the look of it diet pills would be helpful for some dieters like me as the second dessert happened to be a mixture of saba (banana), camote, langka, etc. cooked in rich coconut milk.

If you’re here you wouldn’t be able to resist it so I limited myself to one cup or else I will not be able to sleep soon as it’s heavy on the stomach. DH had one cup also and I noticed that my kids surprisingly ignored it because they want to hit the sack early. We spent some more time outside where I felt so relaxed and rested. I’m just posting some few tasks here to make me sleepy as others are sleeping now. It’s like province here; environment is very silent except for few cars entering the village.


Mom's Bunk House

As parents we want the best for our kids so we give them the best food, clothing, house, toys, education and a lot more according to our budget of course. Maybe that’s one of the traits that parents really have. There are parents who travel and work abroad just to give their kids a luxurious life which they won’t be able to give here because jobs are scarce sometimes. We wished for their health and happiness and the only thing we want is for them to take care of themselves always. Well in giving them the best we choose the right things for them so they can enjoy life just as they enjoy their sleep in a beautiful wood bunk bed which is especially crafted to give comfort and longer sleeping hours.

I’ve always like to browse over home appliance store or home design site because I love looking at beautiful furniture and when I came upon Mom’s Bunk House I was really satisfied with their various bunk beds for sale. I want them for my kids when we’ve finished with the renovation of our upper floor rooms. It would really look very nice on their rooms and will create a spacious look. This renovation project of mine really keeps my energy going and makes me work.


Friday, June 11, 2010

:Looking at the Sky on Friday #80 - Swirling Clouds


Click the image to see larger view

This is a shot at the fields we've traveled from Laguna Lake to home. It was the road leading to floodway and it's a shortcut going home. Travel took us around 40 minutes or less only. I find the clouds and skies very beautiful and captivating in their swirling circular formation and my little boy told me to take a shot as he finds it beautiful too. Guess my kids have grown used to my flair for capturing sky images. They're into photography too as they told me they want to study short course when they are old enough to study.

It was a great day for sky watching! To visit more beautiful sky photos just click on the badge above!


The Best Treasure You Can Get

We came from a family of school teachers. My mother and two sisters of my father were public school teachers when they were younger. My Mom is a retired teacher now but still imparting knowledge to my children. She helps me in training and guiding them in their everyday assignments, school projects and academic activities. My kids got honors from their studies and I know that the reason for that is my Mom’s effort and patience in them.

DH and I also teach and guide them in their studies and we try to set a good education pattern to them so when they start to research college degrees they would know what to do and what to look for. We want to impart to them the value of education and of having a college degree in getting the job they want. It’s the best treasure that we can give them because education and knowledge cannot be stolen. It will never be lost as no one can take it away from them. That’s what our parents told us when we graduated from college.

So for those who wish to have the treasure that we have visit CollegeDegreesToday and search for online and campus-based schools where you can choose the degree of your choice. Try to choose the one whom you love best. It’s inspiring to study when you love your college course and be at your best so you’ll have the chance to get a good-paying and interesting job.


Rushing for Afternoon Travel

I was searching for Gen’s extra school uniform and some socks when my attention was caught by the loud query of an old lady behind me. She’s asking for gift ideas for her friend’s daughter because she really didn’t know what to buy for her. Another one behind told her to pick up plus size lingerie as it would be safe whether she’s thin or fat. I forgot to ask what age but anyway we’re rushing for our travel to MIL’s house later in the afternoon. I’m asking DH if I could bring my lappy, the answer is no. Well he really knows how to give me relaxation lol!


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Healthy Meals Again Pls!

I'm feeling dizzy due to lack of sleep for two days but I know it's also due to missing out my healthy diet. It's been two weeks now that due to busy schedule I can't keep up with eating fruits, veggies and fish only. I'm just glad that even if I eat rice now the amount was very minimal that my cravings didn't returned. I can still eat without rice for lunch and dinner. I was just hoping that those Big Macs and Pizzas will not get into my system again as rice is better than them lol!


:Unconscious Mutterings Week#384

I say ... and you think ... ?

  1. Group :: class, network, section
  2. Pollution :: air, water, noise
  3. Getaway :: vacation, travel, far places
  4. Mall :: shopping, supermarkets, big place
  5. Believe :: faith, trust, hope
  6. Chimney :: smoke, fireplace, funnel
  7. Curses :: bad, witch, plagues
  8. Contrite :: remorse, regrets, repent
  9. Eyelash :: long, false, curved
  10. Jobs :: work, office, factory
Click the badge to join!


Monday, June 7, 2010

Switching to Contact Lens

I wear prescription glasses since I entered university and since then I haven’t changed to wearing contact lens even if most of my friends are using it. I’m very used to wearing my glasses and I can do almost all my works with glasses on all the time. I even compete on a volleyball tournament wearing my glasses. I actually love wearing it because due to long period of time I came to love its imperfections like its not comfortable wearing it and I will look old. Those comments don’t affect me because I almost grew up wearing it and since I’m using the lighter kind of glasses it’s not so hard wearing it.

Now I’m beginning to feel a little discontented on my glasses as when I’m reading a book I need to put it away unlike in the past that I can wear it even on close reading. My sister is wearing contacts and since she has used it she never want to go back so I’m also considering switching from my glasses to contact lens. I’m thinking of trying Acuvue oasis because it was a well-known product and has a nice reputation of bringing quality products to the public.

I’m giving myself a few more months to decide on buying Acuvue oasis contacts. Anyway it will surely be a best buy for me because it’s has a high UV rays, visibility tint and the inside-out market, all of its features designed to give the consumers the best comfort and health when they wear contacts.


Saturday, June 5, 2010

Jaeger leCoultre Replica Watch

Jaeger leCoultre replica watch is a leading name in watch industry. The manufacturers of the brand has made a big name in wrist watch manufacturing industry such that the various brands of its products are brands to beat anytime any day. Since 1903 when Jaeger joined another foremost watch maker LeCoultre, the brands they produced, have continued to dominate the market. The most notable brands from the company are Reverse watches. Since 1930s when the products first hit the market it has remained relevant even up to this time. Jaeger watches are indeed Swiss watch of unmatchable standard.

Jaeger replica watch is a true replica and true resemblance of the original Jaeger watches. The replica watches and the original watch from where the replica was imitated do not show any remarkable difference. What is different between then is just that while the main Jaeger the patented company produced watch at the home base of the company, the replica brand of it may not have been produced by the parent company. It should not be ruled out that the manufacturers of the replica watch may be an affiliate or a subsidiary of the parent company. The replica and the original are just one and the same.

Jaeger replica should be bought and patronized just like the original brand. The functions the replica brand performs are identical and even the same with the function performed by the original brand. The qualities of the finished product of the replica brand do not show any difference at all. The replica watches just emerged fill up the shortfalls created by the inadequacies in demand of the original product. It is always good to remember that any popular timepiece that has a replica, that the replica may have come into existence to bridge a gap between demand and supply of that original product. Also it is good to emphasize that replica brand could not have come into being without the approval of the parent company that have the patent or right of ownership of that brand. Therefore there is no difference between the replica watch and the original brand of that watch.


Friday, June 4, 2010

:Looking at the Sky on Friday #79 - Lake Villa Resort


Click the image to see larger view

This is a shot at Lake Villa Resort where we had our Mom's birthday celebration last Saturday. This shot was taken around 5 in the afternoon so I had the chance to capture the resort and sky near sunset time. I was at the back almost at the front of the lake capturing the view at the front with my two girls on each side of the picture (see the shadowy figures). I really have some fascination about the sky and I love taking tons of shots on them. How about you?

Happy sky watching! More on this villa sky shots next week. To visit more beautiful sky photos just click on the badge above!


Choose the Safest Way to Lose Weight

I’m on my fifth week of having a cleansing diet but I stopped this week due to many activities that forced me to eat what’s on the table. I didn’t have the time to prepare my own foods. It’s easier to drink diet products but my meal plan is healthier. It’s fine to drink products that’s recommended by doctors but it doesn’t guarantee the effects just like what I read about lipozene which is not really effective contrary to what’s it’s been marketed for. Well it suppresses appetite as from the review I read but it will not help you lose much weight. So why the fuss if it will not make you slimmer? Better try something that’s guaranteed, safe and healthy.


Effects of Workout Exercise

When I look at the people who frequent the gym near the school I can’t help thinking if they’re really having the best ab workout they could get because one or two of them didn’t seem to decrease much in their tummies. Anyway I know different gym exercises didn’t work out the same way it should on people. It’s just the same as other people have faster metabolism than others. Some workout exercises may not always have the same fast effects on all people though it may work on them on a slower mode.

Now I’m thinking when I will have the time to have my regular exercise as from looking into the mirror my reflections told me to do it as soon as possible lol!


Thursday, June 3, 2010

:Unconscious Mutterings : Week#383

I say ... and you think ... ?

1. Fresh air :: Beach, Countryside, Mountain
2. Bodyguard :: Defender, Protector, Security
3. Wedding :: Love, Marriage, Union
4. Remind :: Ring a Bell, Notes, Memory
5. Wicked :: Wrong, Bad, Sinful
6. Crawling :: 4-month Baby, Snake, Swarming
7. Gasoline :: Petrol, Diesel, Unleaded
8. Anyone :: Anybody, any person, Someone
9. Dancing :: Swing, Waltz, Twist
10. Wall :: Fence, Barricade, Divider


Get Rid of Your Back Pain

Since I started working after graduation I’m always part of the work group that works overtime, overnight and on night shifts. My employer always picks me up to be part of the team that will work on time-pressured bidding and projects. My colleagues told me that aside from the abilities I also have the patience and the positive attitude to follow my boss’ instructions up to minute details that’s why I’m always his preferred choice for critical projects.

But no matter how strong and healthy you are you will still be prone to sickness when you overworked your body. The overnights and long hours of working gave me severe back pain that will only be healed upon complete rest and massage therapy. I’m just lucky that my Mom knows how to heal my back pain or else I will need the back pain treatment Richmond has been giving to its patients. There you can experience the caring and treatment of trained and experienced doctors who knows how it feels to have chronic pain themselves. You can experience how good it is to be treated with either traditional or alternative pain relief therapies. You can now start to live without the back pain that you think will never be healed anymore.


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Things That Will Make You Look Older

Too much work, stress, too much night life and vices can make you look and feel old that’s why I’m practicing working without staying up so late at night. Well of course I violated that these past few days because of some family occasions and outdoor activities that consumed my day time forcing me to work at night. I was thankful for those happy occasions and for me to be healthier I’m reading those hgh supplements and checking it the advantages and ingredients if it’s natural and healthy.
I don’t have night life and vices so work is the only thing that I have to be disciplined about. Yesterday we went again outdoors and traveled to Tagaytay City but I didn’t bring my laptop so I can rest and think nothing or work. I don’t want to be stressed out because that would make me look older.


Top Ten May Droppers

Thanks to my droppers this past month of May especially to the top ten droppers which I mentioned below. You've helped me a lot especially on my visitors' stats. Appreciate your efforts. Thanks again.

Dropper # of drops
The Modern Mom 31
Yummy-as-can-be 31
moms..... check nyo 30
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A Simple Life 30
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Fledgling Blogger 29
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Jean sQuared 29


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