Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Reaching Up Our Goals to Succeed

We all want to succeed in life and we know that the fastest way to it is through education because compared with riches on earth knowledge can’t be stolen. My Mom always tells us that it’s the best thing that she can give to us as inheritance. Well of course there are lands which you can say are good and bankable goods that we can pass on to our children but they can also be corrupted or taken from us. When you study and graduate with degree you can apply with confidence and getting a job is the start of reaching you dreams.

For some getting into business is also one way of educating yourself in another field of learning and when you have mastered your business it can also give you the culmination of your dreams. Success doesn’t have to be standardized because it is measured by the happiness that you gain from your work, business or anything that you want to do. You can have business or invest on something tangible like my friend who buy gold coins to ensure himself that he’ll get a great returns on his capital in the coming years.

We all have different views on reaching up our goals and we have various actions on how we can do it. Most importantly we should do it without stepping on someone else’ feet, we should come out successfully without harming others and with all these in stride we should always thank God for the blessings that He always bestow us.


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