Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Diamonds are Forever

Marriage is a serious thing and it should be done with careful thinking and planning. Of course it should be based on strong foundation of love and affection and not just liking the person. For me couples should walk the path of friendship, courtship and strong engagement before entering the serious involvement of all which is marriage. Consultation with the elders can also be helpful and good factors in deciding to plan and prepare the wedding proper. To hold a strong bond of serious love and relationship couples are engaged first before being married and the excitement of choosing engagement rings follow. It’s an exciting part of any relationship and it’s an indication and proof that both are really serious enough to marry and love each other forever.

There are different kinds of engagement rings around the globe and it differs on the kind of people who are getting engaged. For people like us who are the average kind of couples simple but elegant rings would be enough as long as it will also last long to serve as a symbol of love for each other. Well for the rich and famous they chose diamonds most of the time as they say ‘diamonds are forever’ and if it signifies love I surmise they want their love to stay forever also.

I’ve found the best site for various classic and elegant styles of diamonds of which diamond solitaires remains the popular choice of many couples. For those who want simple and elegant rings this is the best choice. More often being simple is more beautiful and this diamond solitaire will stay as beautiful and simple forever. Just like the love the couples have for each other.


:Unconscious Mutterings Week#385

I say ... and you think ... ?

  1. Offense :: hurt, nasty, hateful
  2. Bench ::seat, workplace, counter
  3. Kissing ::affection, care, love
  4. Timely ::well-timed, opportune, appropriate
  5. Yellow :: pallid, pale, gold,
  6. Get up and go :: work, study, walk
  7. Beer :: drink, alcoholic, tipple
  8. Calories :: measurement, food intake, food meter
  9. Blast :: bomb, grenade, explode
  10. Window :: pane, glass, casement


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