Monday, March 29, 2010

:MYM/RT- The Graduates


Here are my two graduating kids this March in their picture together four years ago. Ruth will graduate from Grade VI and Josh from preparatory school. They look so young and different in their picture here. Just looking at Ruth makes me treasure this picture of her with the cute full smile posing with her little brother which she always seem to joke and want to tease up to the point that he'll cry! Most of the times they disagree with many things maybe because of the age gap. Josh tends to be closer to Ate Gen who likes to play toys for the boys with him.

Now that Ruth is 12 and Josh is 6 they seem to get along well for months now and I'm so happy because the house is in peace with the three kids playing together in Y8 games hahaha! No worry about overplaying as I've set their playing schedule this summer, with limits of course!

I'll post their graduation pics on April :-)

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Wedding Memories

It will be our 14th wedding anniversary on May 4 and kids are planning a little celebration for all of us. They asked me for a copy of our wedding invitations because they want to see if it’s still as nice as it was 14 years ago. Of course the little boy is as curious as ever because he didn’t see much of that invitation.

I remember that I was the one who did the layout design and all phrases written on that invitation. I brought it to the printing press for printing embossed copies because I don’t want it printed in ordinary computer printing. Invitations should last a long period of time and together with the ring, coin and photos it should make up your whole wedding memories.


Getting The Most From Health Insurance

Sickness is common these days as summer are well on its way. Too much heat is not good for our health and we incur skin disease and major sickness because of this. I just heard some cases of hypertension and stroke attack because of the effect of the weather. Senior citizens and babies are the most affected with this sickness. Thus, we should all be covered with health insurance like Blue Cross Blue Shield NC. In this part of the globe all employees in the private and public sector have mandatory health insurances in which premiums are being deducted monthly on their salaries.

Even though we’re only paying a small amount it is very beneficial to all members because you’ll get discounted rates on hospital fees upon confinement. I was actually joking to my friend that working mothers get the most benefits with our premiums because every time we get pregnant our hospital fees are almost free because of our health insurance.


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