Monday, March 29, 2010

Getting The Most From Health Insurance

Sickness is common these days as summer are well on its way. Too much heat is not good for our health and we incur skin disease and major sickness because of this. I just heard some cases of hypertension and stroke attack because of the effect of the weather. Senior citizens and babies are the most affected with this sickness. Thus, we should all be covered with health insurance like Blue Cross Blue Shield NC. In this part of the globe all employees in the private and public sector have mandatory health insurances in which premiums are being deducted monthly on their salaries.

Even though we’re only paying a small amount it is very beneficial to all members because you’ll get discounted rates on hospital fees upon confinement. I was actually joking to my friend that working mothers get the most benefits with our premiums because every time we get pregnant our hospital fees are almost free because of our health insurance.


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