Friday, October 15, 2010

:Looking at The Sky on Friday#98: Seaside Bay

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This shot may look very dark but it's only after 5 in the afternoon here at the seaside bay at Mall of Asia.  I was trying to catch the sunset but my battery was losing its charge so I didn't get a clearer shot.  I was happy at my shot though a bit dark it's still magical to look.  I was seeing some college friends here and hubby accompanied me.  He's the one who told me to take a shot at the beautiful sight.  Wish I had an earlier and  closer shot. Hubby promised me we'll come back with the kids and I can have more beautiful shots.

I love sky watching wherever my cam takes me whether it's dark, cloudy, cloudless or  the sky is pale. God's creations are indeed beautiful.  Visit more beautiful sky photos just click on the badge above!


The Natural Way

It’s nice to feel the sweat coming out of your body while giving your best to do all required movements for workout. I’ve consumed 3 glasses of water while working out and it seems that it just passes through me and it never quenched my thirst. I’m glad that I finally took hold of what I should be doing for myself and not just asked if thermogenic is effective. I have my own natural way of getting rid of my excess pounds and I’d like to try it first before giving in to using diet pills. I know that in due time I can go back to my slimmer form and be as healthy as always.


Returned to Healthy Habit

I’m into getting healthy now and started my healthy diet plan of eating regularly but less fat and rice. My meals consist of full breakfast, regular lunch with 2 kinds of fruits and very light dinner without rice, 2-3 varieties of fruits and eaten very early at night. I may not need hoodia diet pills because I’m now getting used to my meal plan with more veggies and fruits. I also started out my workout exercise few days ago. 

I’ve been feeling a little weak last month due to hectic schedule and lack of rest. My busy schedule forced me to work late evening up to dawn and to eat more because it’s hard to stay awake long without any food. It’s the food or favorite coffee drinks that helped me to finish my tasks and to stay awake. I know it’s not healthy to eat at midnight but I didn’t have much choice. But when I started to feel sickly I returned to my healthy habit again and that’s my healthy meal plan, regular exercise and minimum of 6 hours sleep. I hope I can keep it up.


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