Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Cellular Replacement Parts

I bought accessories for my daughter’s cellular phone and she was excited to put it in her phone but when she placed it on her phone she missed the exact place where the accessory will be placed. She accidentally hit the line where the LCD of her phone was connected and she was surprised when she saw a crack in her mobile phone screen. It was an unfortunate case as she was only putting her favorite accessory character on the phone. She didn’t know that I was also talking to myself why I bought the accessory that will damage the phone. Well it was an accident and I’m now finding solutions for her mobile phone.

My niece wanted so much to study basic electronics and cellular phone repair in technology schools that offer such nice vocational courses. Even before she expressed her desire to study she can do simple troubleshooting of appliances and cellular phones. When I asked about the replacement of Gen’s phone she told me that she can have it checked by her friend. Well to help them both I checked primelec.com for Gen’s cellular replacement parts and I found parts, gadgets and some other items at affordable prices. They also offer computer parts, phones, electronic components, servers, hardware and some other gadgets. It’s fun browsing up their site as they have many things to offer.


Unconscious Mutterings : Week#372

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Stop the Disease from Spreading

Proper health should be maintained at all costs so every member of the family will be protected also. If someone in the family is sick it’s normal that one of his housemate will follow or get sick through the virus emitted in the air. Virus can easily spread in the house if the sick person is not so keen on healing or treating himself. There should a proper awareness to people with communicable disease or their family will suffer with them.

This is applicable for all sickness that may arise be it the usual sickness of cold, coughs, measles or the embarrassing diseases which the male often kept secret. If ever you’re put in an embarrassing situation of having contacted this transmitted disease you can have yourself tested in one of the STD Screening Clinics without being embarrassed and will not take much of your time. It’s more convenient as you have it requested online and set up a schedule for a no hassle testing of your disease.


Opportunity Blessings!

Wow I just received more blessings tonight and so are my online friends. We’re all excited about it and tweets were just as excited as we are. For bloggers like us who are doing some online job the blessings are in the form of opportunities and assignments. Some says that when it rains it pours and it’s exactly what I felt now because I also have some opportunity blessings early in the morning. It’s such a blessed day!


Maintaining a Healthy Body

It takes a lot of discipline and self-control to maintain a healthy diet. It’s actually easier to succumb to your longings than to start a meal plan of purely healthy meals consisting vegetables, fruits and fish. Well I had the will to do this kind of diet last year and it paid off as I lost some pounds. But I stopped more than two months ago because I can’t prepare a different meal for me due to busy schedule. I was again faced with the problem of excessive pounds from working too tight during night time. So for now I have to get back to my old regimen of eating less fatty foods and more of fibrous healthy foods.

That’s my resolution if I want to get back in shape. I still have to work out my problem with my tummy. Well for my friend living in US for quite some time the only solution she know is the vaser liposuction in Chicago which is perfect for those who want to remove excess pounds in the problem areas like tummy, thighs, abdomen and many more. They’re using a new advanced technique in surgery that can reduce your fat without affecting the important parts of our bodies. It’s recommended for people with healthy lifestyle who just can’t get rid of fat in some areas of their bodies.


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