Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Maintaining a Healthy Body

It takes a lot of discipline and self-control to maintain a healthy diet. It’s actually easier to succumb to your longings than to start a meal plan of purely healthy meals consisting vegetables, fruits and fish. Well I had the will to do this kind of diet last year and it paid off as I lost some pounds. But I stopped more than two months ago because I can’t prepare a different meal for me due to busy schedule. I was again faced with the problem of excessive pounds from working too tight during night time. So for now I have to get back to my old regimen of eating less fatty foods and more of fibrous healthy foods.

That’s my resolution if I want to get back in shape. I still have to work out my problem with my tummy. Well for my friend living in US for quite some time the only solution she know is the vaser liposuction in Chicago which is perfect for those who want to remove excess pounds in the problem areas like tummy, thighs, abdomen and many more. They’re using a new advanced technique in surgery that can reduce your fat without affecting the important parts of our bodies. It’s recommended for people with healthy lifestyle who just can’t get rid of fat in some areas of their bodies.


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