Monday, April 5, 2010

Investment Plans

I'm thinking of converting our front yard into commercial spaces for rent to help us with additional income for the kids’ studies instead of our earlier plans to put up a meat products shop. Plans changes with the coming of months and it all depends on the current life situation and the business trends. I thought that the store I want to put up may take up my time so I decided to concentrate on my current source of income and just invest on something for extra source of finances aside from the commercial space we intend to build.

I also thought of buying small stocks but I don’t know anything about stocks. I came upon site that offers investment that offers the investors to buy gold bars and I think that it’s a good idea. Investing on precious metals like gold is a good assurance that you’ll have a very good return of investment in the years to come.


:MYM/RT - The Little Graduate (Again)


Here are few of my little boy's mellow yellow and ruby tuesday pics of his graduation which I also posted in my other blog last week. Just want to share the fun we had in seeing our little 'kulit' boy up in the stage once more and looking like a fine gentleman in his attire. He's the smallest among his friends but he has the strongest voice lol! See plenty of yellow and red colors here perfect for the memes!

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Unconscious Mutterings : Week#375

I say ... and you think ... ?

  1. Philanthropy :: charity, benevolence, humanity
  2. Said :: whispered, assumed, understood
  3. Blanks :: zero, none, devoid
  4. Tapas :: appetizer
  5. Orgasm :: maximum
  6. Movement :: group, organization, society, faction
  7. Detention :: imprisonment, arrested, locked up, confinement
  8. Restaurant :: dining, fast food, gourmet
  9. Weird :: eerie, peculiar, strange, odd, horror, bizarre
  10. Sniffle :: sob, cry, weep
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Help in Growing Up Fast

We were browsing my little boy’s graduation pictures and we’ve noticed that Josh has slightly increased some height. Well it’s not that obvious because he’s really small for his age but I’m happy now that I see some progress. Well some people grow up fast and we must admit that some needs human growth hormone supplements to help them increase height or grow up fast.

I know that height can also be attributed to genetic background so I know that my little boy will grow and increase some height. For now I’m happy that he’s grown up as a charming, bright and nice little boy.


An Ounce of Prevention

I had a chat with one of my former office friends and we talked about the good old days in the consultancy company we worked for. Those days were really happy ones although our job was a tough one always beating the deadlines. Well we just laughed about it now that we’re both out of it. Since we’re not getting any younger we shared some health regimen that we thought could help us both now. I told her I’ve been eating at least 2-3 kind of fruits a day to somehow cleanse my system and give me a healthy glow. I’ve been reading some colon cleanse reviews lately and I’m deeply concerned with these colon cleansing diet.

We already had a colon sickness history in my mother’s side so I’m seriously studying some facts about it. It’s a great help knowing things like these because I know that knowledge can give us prevention on acquiring sickness. As they say an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.


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