Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Houston Retirement Living

We all love our old folks and we want the best for them when they grow old. Actually I never imagined myself away from my Mom as I felt so bad several years ago when we were separated to my Mom’s mother when we transferred and settled to my father’s hometown. I told myself that I will never go far from my Mom especially with her conditions now. She’s not sick, she only has arthritis but I want her to enjoy my kids while she still has the strength to play with them especially with my son Josh who was so fond of her. Old folks always want to be loved and if you give them extra care and attention they feel contented with their lives.

Now on a different situation on some other families who can’t take care of their folks by themselves there’s a place where you can entrust them to be safe and protected. When you visit online you’ll find retirement communities Houston where the old folks, seniors and retirees joined themselves sharing their own life stories in one place. Here they won’t feel lonely that their family has left or entrusted them to others. They will enjoy the life of houston senior living where they can get the best care and professional service they deserve in their golden age.

If you’re in Texas you’ll find many wonderful places that you’ll wish you’ll settle for life such as friendly neighbors and of course interesting places like houston retirement living where services are offered on a 24-hour, live-in basis or per hour. It actually caters to what we need specifically doing plenty of services such as personal care, home monitoring, household chores, companionship, medication, respite care, meal preparation and many others.


Two Important Books

Heads Or Tails

It's Tuesday once again it's time for our Heads Or Tails again....

The theme/prompt for THIS week, September 22, is: HEADS - "Book" Use any form of the word "Book" in any kind of post.

These books are our family's favorite books which has its own particular use and benefits. We're a family of good readers from Granny (My Mom) to Little Kids. Just give or lend us an interesting book and we're all up to it. We passed it on until everyone finished reading it, of course if we share the same interest on the kind of book.

These two very important books are medical guide book and the Holy Bible. For physical sickness or when my kids gets ordinary sickness my Mom would read her medical book for some guidelines or first aid treatment that can be administered at home before rushing to doctor. Now for spiritual enlightenment and thirst for God's word we turn to Holy Bible for the complete guidelines in living this life. It's a complete guide on living as it shows the life of Jesus and chosen people which we can relate our lives in this present time. While the medical book can heal our body physically the Holy Bible can heal our spirits and lead us into a life centered to God.


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