Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Upholstery Cleaning

We did some general cleaning on our house and we’ve changed the position of some appliances to accommodate our newly purchased sofa bed. On other days we don’t have much time but since it’s DH and kids break from school we have allocated some of our time for the cleaning of the house. After doing some minor changes I noticed that some of the upholstery is showing signs of aging and to make it look somewhat presentable I thought of having it cleaned by the experts. I’m looking for good cleaners that will give not just cleaning but protection as well just like what I saw from Upholstery Cleaning Northern Virginia  by Absolute Carpet Care. They offer the ultimate in carpet care, rug and upholstery cleaning and protection with the strictest standards set by IICRC. They also accept ceramic tile and grout cleaning and sealing, water damage restoration and a lot more.

Upholstered fabrics are of varied kinds and therefore removing stains and cleaning them are done differently. The cleaners should have expertise in assessing stains in order to deliver the best service. They follow the process of first inspecting the furniture and assessing stains and spots then they will talk to you about what will happen after it was cleaned. They do everything from pre-conditioning, textile rinse and finally the extraction to clear the upholstery of soil and mixture. Low moisture cleaning is used for certain textiles to achieve the best possible cleaning. For healthy purposes cleaning should be done twice a year.


Optical Clear Window Tint

Even on cold months the sun seems to penetrate the living room with too much glare that we always have to close the curtains giving us dim atmosphere. I love having clear surroundings in the house but too much exposure to sun is harmful to house interiors and to our health as well. The UV rays of the sun can cause sickness to us so it’s better if we stay away from its glare to prevent further damage to our body. I’m relieved that there are innovations done to remedy this problem like this window tint Indianapolis which is provided for by Solar Concept’s Inc. They offer window film solutions by providing 3M window tint to residential and commercial establishments. 

Having them in your place can make your stay safer, energy efficient and comfortable because it blocks 99.9% of the UV rays of the sun and reduce your electric bills because it reduce cooling costs. It can also make your furniture and house furnishings stay in good condition for a long period of time with its fade control qualities. You can have all these advantages without sacrificing the optical clarity of your windows. You’ll still have visible lights inside and out.


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