Thursday, July 9, 2009

Bathroom Renovation

Lately I’ve noticed that some of our kitchen and bathroom fixtures needed some attention as most of them are old and needed replacement. I think I should go over those things when I get my vacation from work. I told hubby about this and we’re planning not only to replace those fixtures but to renovate the whole bathroom itself.

I would be able to monitor the renovation after my resignation because I’ll work home soon. It would be nice to search and select new fixtures for our bathroom. As early as now I’m looking at some Moen faucet and some attractive tiles to use in the renovation, I still have to find some other things needed but for now I’m quite impressed by what I see online samples of bathroom essentials in They carry various styles, designs and finishes just good for your specific requirements in your kitchen and bathroom. I want to have it in my own bathroom too.


The Most Popular Kind of Fasting

For those people who feel the urge and need to fast I can recommend the fruit-juice fast which is the most popular and the least dangerous of all. I discussed in my previous posts about the dangers of fasting on your own, consultation is a must before you start your own.

In fruit-juice fast the person drinks large amounts of water and a moderate amount of fruit juice. When I say fruit juice I mean the natural juice extracted from fruits not the diluted ones. Some fasters mix water with fruit juice. Some eat nothing but fruits and vegetables to be a fast, but a real fast involves eating no solid at all. Actually I’ve seen my MIL do a similar kind of fast but she chose to eat all fruits only which I noticed did lots of good on her body not to slim down but to help push bad toxins away.

Just a reminder to all never ever fast without drinking lots of water! Remember what the science teachers taught us in our good school days, your body can do without food for a day or two but it can never survive without water for an entire day. This is the reason that some earthquake victims lasted for few days without food but survived only on intake of rainfall.

Fasting can cause fatigue, irritability, anemia, weakness and other disorders so be very careful with your fasting. Use your old common sense that if you start feeling ill knock it off and have something to eat just be sure it’s light like some fruit to get something for your digestion slowly and lightly. Now before you start your fasting is sure that you’re not under stress and under tight working schedule or you might faint! I should think this over also for myself, seems like I’ve never done this for years now!

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Facts About Fasting

I’ve been told by my MIL that the best way to shed excess toxins from the body is to fast. But fasting is not so easy to do, it’s tough. You have to impose discipline will power. And if you’re busy and very active in your life it can add stress to your schedule. So you should never try to fast if you are under stress and have important work to do. Find time for yourself when you can spare a few days of rest and start fasting. It will clean out your body but you should start for no more than 24 hours. Then you can follow it up to 3 to 5 days. Be aware that you should practice first before venturing into 3-5 days fasting.

Be sure to consult your doctor before you start your fasting. He knows the best time for you to start your fasting. Now if your doctor agreed with your plan you can start immediately. Fasting will help your body systems such as circulation, digestion, sleep and mental acuity. As you get into your fast you can feel spiritual surges flowing in your stream or some kind of loving energy within you. Another good thing about it is that it relieves stress, depression, mental anxiety and promotes a wonderful feeling of well being inside your body. I’ll publish another post for those interested in the kinds of fasting that one should try for them.


Vacation Break From Work

After long hours of working in my PC I felt the need for a quick and relaxing rest in the bed with soft pillows to caress my head from a slight headache. That’s the only side effect I’ve been getting from prolonged exposure to computer. All my life I’ve been working with PC in front of me and I can stay for 24 hours or more online without so much of a fuss. But now if I stay for more than 10 hours online without resting I felt a slight headache, maybe it’s because I’m not getting any younger and I should be on a health watch these days. Or I can just surmise it as fatigue from overwork and very hectic schedule.

I know I should be careful now with my eating and sleeping habits if I want to stay healthy. I also should give that vacation plan some thoughts so I can relax my mind and body completely. Oh how I would like to take that romantic vacation riviera maya which I found online while browsing for some assignments. Their offers and packages are so great you couldn’t resist it. It would be nice to rest in the white-sand beaches of Mexico. Overworked mommy and daddy should really give themselves some break as nice as this one.


Friendship Chain

Thank you so much Tetcha of Pensive Thoughts for this Friendship Chain.

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