Friday, March 20, 2009

My Son's Kinder Graduation

The whole family was excited (as usual )as the youngest in our family graduated from his kindergarten level. Though I may say I’m not as nervous as the previous year when Josh delivered his first speech ever for the nursery graduates of 2008. Now he’s more confident and matured.

His speech is about the value of education to youth and the giving of awards to honor student. He luckily made it to the top, he’s no. 1 this year! He’s excited to all their graduation activities especially the graduation songs that they had spent almost two weeks to practice lol!Of course his dear grandma 9my mom) was equally proud of his grandson. I heard her saying that it’s not only looks that he got from my father but also the witty mind! Grandmas always think that their grandchildren are the best among many. Anyway she will not be able to withstand going there in school so we just dropped by the house after graduation and headed to the nearest mall for a hearty lunch. I didn’t pick the resto; my kids requested and insisted KFC. Here’s some shots for the view, hope you enjoy these!


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