Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Busy with Graduation Committee

I was requested to meet with Ruth’s adviser for a meeting about the change of graduation venue and the final announcement of their graduation date. The date came from the desk of the town’s Superintendent and it falls on the day after Easter Sunday. Graduation will be on April 5 at 10:00am. Well I was really assuming that it will be after the holy week as the announcement was kinda delayed because of the successive tests conducted in all schools. Division, regional and national achievement tests were conducted and these kept the superior busy thus the date declaration just arrived yesterday.

I’m the secretary of the graduation committee and I do all the letter of requests, permission and all other needed correspondence for the school occasion. I didn’t know I would be this busy as some of my tasks are nearing its due dates. I should have anticipated this one but I just accepted the position so I can contribute some help for my daughter’s division. Actually it wouldn’t be hard on us if there are no evacuees of the allotted gymnasium for the school’s yearly graduation while the new stage of the school can’t accommodate the graduates and parents. Anyway I’m glad I’m the boss of my time and I just have to manage my time well.


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