Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Season of Sickness

Rainy days’ season is the time that sickness is very prevalent in all ages and places. I was praying last week that storm will not hit us hard because it will not pose danger to people but to properties as well. The crops ready for harvest was damaged by the recent typhoon and several houses were almost swept down by the wrath of typhoon. Some other areas had floods and that caused many prevailing sicknesses in town. Hospitals now are jam-packed with patients suffering from dengue, bronchitis, pneumonia and other respiratory diseases.

Now we should think of ways to avoid being unhealthy and prone to diseases. First we should have a clean and safe environment to live and must be free from pest infestation. It’s not clean having insects and pests like mosquitoes, rats, termites, fire ant, fleas and bees because most of them are carriers and a little exposure from them will probably make you sick. But if you have them already don’t let days passed by without consulting professional staff like Houston pest control which can help you with everything from treating your house to maintaining it so pests won’t come back again. Their professional experience and innovative equipment makes them deliver high quality services in affordable price.


Financial Budgeting

I’m finished with my education expenses as I paid my kids’ quarterly tuition fees last Monday. I’m glad I didn’t have to get payday advance loan just to pay the school fees. But if ever I will not hesitate getting one because I know I can pay it immediately. God has been so good to us with his work blessings. The tasks are outpouring and I just have to wait for a month for some of my clients’ payments. I’m making my family budget and schedule my semi-monthly earnings for our daily and food expenses. For education expenses I’m saving my monthly-paid tasks so I can really adjust every financial need we have. With God’s help and support we’ll be able to make it through.


Determination and Discipline

I noted some of the 20 super foods for weight loss like oats, salmon, apples, sardines, yogurt and avocado. Some others will be difficult for me buy on ordinary supermarket so I think I’ll just stick on those 6 and all the rest will be from my own list of healthy foods. Achieving weight loss goal is not an overnight phenomenon because you really have some discipline and more time to concentrate on the kind of foods to eat and the proper workout exercises. 

Since I’ve started on these two a couple of days ago I shall not need HCG injections Austin to help achieve my goal of shedding off 35 pounds. Whoa! That’s a big goal for me and I’m determined to reach it though I know it will take me several months or even up to more than a year. I’m not taking any slimming tea as of the moment because I want to prove that without it I can still lose excess pounds because of discipline, determination, right choice of foods and workout routines.


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