Thursday, January 28, 2010

I'm Now Into My House Project#3 – My Garden Project

I’m laying out my plans now for my home improvement project no. 3 which is a garden landscape in our front yard. I’ve already finished project no. 1 which is the renovation/construction of our new bathroom and almost finished with project no. 2 which is the fence-gate project. I’ve consulted my brother-in-law who has knowledge in landscaping and he told me to hire someone to remove the gravel filling and replace it with garden soil so I can plant or have someone put carabao grass on it.

Bermuda grass is too expensive for me and we’re just near the national road so I think the carabao grass is just perfect for our front garden. I need to save more bucks for my other projects which will go to be upstairs in the second floor of our house. I’m planning to put bathroom no. 3 and I shall be needing some bathroom ideas too like getting some beautiful tiles, lavatory and a good quality bowl like that of Toto toilet I’ve seen online. Now I have to work hard for my little home improvement projects to materialize all my plans. I’m getting excited over it all!


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