Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Wine Openers

I’ve known some people who love wine that it has become a part of their dinner, the most I heard from them is the red wine variety. They told me that it brings some warmth into their body when they drink pure grape wine and not some other beverages that are full of alcohol content. Actually wine has many kinds and contents. It can be used for many purposes other than just drink or beverage. In our church we drink red wine with the least alcohol content say 5% when we do communion. That’s why we buy at specialty stores because some don’t have the kind of wine we look for. I’ve been browsing some brands for low alcohol wine when I came upon rogar estate wine opener which caters for the needs of wine lovers. They sell and offer wine openers and replacement parts.

It’s my first time to see nice samples of estate wine opener which I find very interesting with regards to their exquisite style. Their products look very elegant with their material which you can choose among granite, wood or aluminum. Some people still prefers to use wood for some reasons. They also provide replacement parts for wine openers if you should need one for your existing wine opener.

For the collectors and lovers of stylish wine opener they have different kinds of collection like estate collection in bronze, champion wine opener collection in antique pewter and nickel and professional collection in brass and chrome. Just visit RogarWineOpeners.com for a complete view of their products.


Major Decision I Made in My Life

Heads Or Tails

It's Tuesday once again and this time I'm joining Heads Or Tails again, it's actually my second time only...

The theme/prompt for this week is "TAILS - Decision" and we should tell about a time when we had to make a "Decision"

Well my story is about my latest major decision which took me one long year to ponder. I was employed with the same employer for his two companies for 15 years when I wrote a letter of resignation to my boss stating my desire to focus on my family rather than my career. I was a major decision that divides opinion between my friends and colleagues, of course my family supported it. I decided at the time that employment was very hard and not a single employee I know wanted to risk their jobs for anything else. I was told by one relative that everyone was looking for a job and there I was - leaving my very stable job.

I've been blogging for a year then and I'm getting quite a handful of online jobs which intensified my wish to work at home while attending to my family's need. I filed my resignation 5th of May 2008 but my boss told me that if I want to have a separation pay I must extend my stay. I couldn't do anything but to stay for more months as I want to have some money to start my business. During my extended stay I seek God's confirmation that my decision was right. He showed me the four factors to consider in making decision such as signs, open door, providence and circumstance.

I asked for signs and I got it, I looked for open door and providence and He gave me a source of income outside my employment and last but not the least, actually the best of all is the circumstance which answered all my questions. My mother's miraculous restoration of vision has made me realize that my Mom is one of the most important person in my life and we should be the one who should be taking care of her.

Finally after more than one year of resignation from BT&T my boss let me retire early with some compensation to bring and a warm heart for everyone. I thanked God that He's helped me with this major decision that I made in my life.


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