Thursday, January 14, 2010

Safe and Sound!

Just returned to work after finishing so many offline tasks and duties. I’m still tired from yesterday’s fire in the neighborhood and I can’t seem to end my heartful thanks to God for keeping us safe from this disastrous fire. The place still smells smoky and there are still many ashes in the air. Faith and prayers can really move mountains, but this time it’s not mountain but fire and God stopped the fire before it reaches our house. Electricity was cut off until 5pm and I was in a real hurry because it’s also my bible study day and I didn’t want to miss it. A neighbor taking up nursing was asking me to help her in her assignment on diseases and cure like heart disease transplant, digestive problems, herpes simplex treatment, and many more. Actually I have a compilation on that subject as I used to do some research work for my SIL and I’ll just lend it to her.


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