Friday, September 14, 2012

Benefits of Having Audio Visual Room in Education

I believe that whatever perceived by the sight is retained more efficiently than just reading or listening to it. This is what my husband has observed on his recent field studies in Benjamin Esguerra High School. The school is equipped with high quality standard education through having well equipped and fully furnished Audio Visual Room. Its air-conditioned AVR classroom has 50 seats available, 1 hanging projector and wide screen in the middle front of the room. The motif of the room is blue which is pleasant and cool in the eyes of the learners. The school administrator and teachers main purpose of having this kind of facility is for the students’ productive learning as they also believe that education will be enhanced if both sight and mind are filled with needed data information.


Enjoy Quality Flooring Without Hurting Your Budget

We all want to have the best looking flooring in town but sometimes we can’t afford it and just settles for what’s within their budget. We just finished our flooring renovation few months back and though it’s a bit expensive to have such home improvement these days we’re glad we did it because now we enjoy looking at our new fresh green vinyl floors. It actually looks like real ceramic tiles at first glance because of its unique designs which my brother has approved when we chose among various displays. 

Every visitor who drops by the house comments about our new tiles and how it changed the whole ambiance of the house. If only they knew it’s not as expensive as they thought they would have done their own flooring renovation too. Some of our neighbours who were also affected by the big flood that hit us wanted to replace their old damaged tiles but lack funds for quality tiles. I suggested that they browse to look for stylish and quality flooring that they afford. 

They offer free-estimate, much-needed professional advice and competitive price fit for your budget. They provide low-cost and low-maintenance varieties on hardwood floors, laminate flooring, ceramic tile flooring, vinyl floors and carpet. So if you’re looking for the perfect flooring or carpeting to change the way your house looks just visit the site and enjoy choosing without hurting your budget.


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