Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Reaching Up Our Goals to Succeed

We all want to succeed in life and we know that the fastest way to it is through education because compared with riches on earth knowledge can’t be stolen. My Mom always tells us that it’s the best thing that she can give to us as inheritance. Well of course there are lands which you can say are good and bankable goods that we can pass on to our children but they can also be corrupted or taken from us. When you study and graduate with degree you can apply with confidence and getting a job is the start of reaching you dreams.

For some getting into business is also one way of educating yourself in another field of learning and when you have mastered your business it can also give you the culmination of your dreams. Success doesn’t have to be standardized because it is measured by the happiness that you gain from your work, business or anything that you want to do. You can have business or invest on something tangible like my friend who buy gold coins to ensure himself that he’ll get a great returns on his capital in the coming years.

We all have different views on reaching up our goals and we have various actions on how we can do it. Most importantly we should do it without stepping on someone else’ feet, we should come out successfully without harming others and with all these in stride we should always thank God for the blessings that He always bestow us.


Teaching Kids to Have Goals in Life

Everyday after reaching home from school our little boy would narrate all activities and happenings they had in school. Today he talked about how they transferred to the third floor of their school and watched the program about national heroes. He was every inch a story teller when he do it and I told my Mom that he could be a good journalist or blogger. He really liked his new school and for three weeks now the excitement is still at its peak. I told him to study hard so he can reach his goals of being an Architect and he wouldn’t have a hard time applying for a job. As his Dad would always say to him and his elder siblings to study and dream for whatever they want to be. It’s good to impart the value of education to your kids so they will have their own goals in life.


My Little Architect

Josh came home telling me that he has good news for me. I was really expecting some good news but I laughed when he told me that his good news is about the holiday and that there will be no classes today. So that’s good news for my little boy and although I know that he love going to school I can’t help but smile that he considered it good news. I was actually checking some extra lighting fixtures when he told me that and upon hearing his news I let him see the beautiful Maxim lighting I surfed upon. He’s interested on all things about houses and its interiors. He wants to be an Architect one day and he’s always drawing houses and all the things that he wants inside his house.

Well he got it from all of us; I and my siblings were all fond of making house plans when we’re only students. We just got busy when we already have jobs and it’s my big brother who continues his flair for drawing and building houses. He became a Civil Engineer and he put up a construction business to concentrate on it rather than spending his time in public office. He likes it better to practice his profession in actual construction of residential and commercial building. I’m really happy with his decision and his eldest will join in the business after few more years because he’s into Civil Engineering studies now.


The Homebody Test

Your Home is Comforting

You believe in putting your needs first, and you avoid depriving yourself.
You are likely to have a home full of your favorite things - from soft pillows to delicious food.

You believe in living in the moment. If you feel like having home baked pie, then you'll have home baked pie!
You could never feel at home in a sterile or unpersonalized house. The best homes feel lived in.

A home should be comforting enough because it's our security and private zone. It's where we mend our broken hearts and dreams when we need to. It's the place where you can be your own self without pretense and much effort. It's where we build our dreams and start our family. In our own home we always like to cook up something good and special not for the visitors but for our own consumption. We like eating and having some picnic around the house or in our patio. We like comfort and enjoyment in our own home because it's where our hearts are.


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