Friday, October 9, 2009

:Looking at the Sky on Friday #45 - Sta. Rosa


Sharing with you this picture taken in Sta Rosa Laguna (Phils) outside Enchanted Kingdom where Josh had educational tour. I just love the majestic formation of clouds here even if it's a little dark. Actually the clouds on the right side looks like a mountain hahaha! Am I imagining things? That's the playful side of watching clouds you tend to see and imagine things forming in the clouds. It's a funny hobby you know! Happy sky watching!

Happy Friday! Visit more of beautiful sky photos here!


The Car Connection and Some Reviews

If women love shopping I’m sure you’ll agree that boys love cars. Even if they’re just little they seem to enjoy miniature toy cars or big plastic cars. I have a cousin that collects car in different make and form. He has in his collection cars in wood, plastic, metals and even paper cars. He just loves any form of cars. He has a real car by the way and he maintains it more carefully and lavishly than his house. Well we have our own preferences and hobbies you know.

Anyway for the boys who has enough finances they usually spend much on elegant cars and waiting for new release of cars like the sporty mid sedan 2010 ford fusion hybrid or another model like 2010 ford escape hybrid. It’s just something that feels like fulfillment for those who have their heart pinned to pretty cars. Well if they can afford it why not?

Actually if you’re always on the net like me and fascinated with the latest model of cars you wouldn’t pass the chance of reading car reviews like I did with 2010 saturn review. It would help enthusiast find their perfect desired vehicle because they would have a chance to weigh and balance reviews. Reviews really help searchers and buyers and other people opinion is a contribution to our plan most of the times. And we should think not just twice but thrice on choosing the cars we want to buy because it’s too expensive to make mistakes even if you’re wealthy enough to buy any kind you want.

Car Connection offers reviews which you can read to assess the car’s performance, quality, styling, safety and of course features. Take this review I’ve read from the site - 2010 lexus is. Perfect for those who want space because it has a spacious backseat for convertible and a cargo space. It has an acceleration with 350c and good ride quality. The price is competitively good. Well not all cars are perfect as some dislikes include no rev-matching, it has a conservative styling and 250C’s engine feels overwhelmed. That’s the kind of reviews you’ll read when you search for cars. So that will surely help seekers in their decision.


Friday Fill-ins # 145

1. Sweet dreams and peaceful sleep.

2. White roses are especially for me.

3. Dealing with a stubborn person is sometimes irritating.

4. I'm thinking of Josh costume in school this Halloween.

5. Perfect or not you made it very well.

6. Parmesan pasta is what I want right now!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to sleeping early and wait for power at midnight, tomorrow my plans include finishing online tasks at dawn til morning and Sunday, I want to concentrate on just thinking of our Sunday fellowship!


Missing Snail Mails

One thing that I miss in this high technology generation is when a postman called my name in our gate and tells me ‘you’ve got mail’. I can’t explain my excitement over those letters sent to me. During my primary and secondary years I’ve been receiving letters from a childhood friend in our province in Laguna and some letters from relatives abroad. I would always check on our mailbox which is so much like Custom Mailboxes and if I found one for me that would make my day.

Actually my Mom was the fanatic in our house when it comes to mails as her close relatives live in California and she used to receive letters and packages from them. It used to make her very happy and I was excited too because my hobby then was stamp collection. I would always show my international stamps to my pals. Those were the days when there’s no mobile phones and internet so we value those letters in our simple mailbox, we do not have Personalized Mailboxes then but if it were available then we would have ordered one for our house because our family loves personalized things. Anyway we were happily contented with landline telephone and snail letters.

Now modern technology offers multiple form of communication fast, quick and easy. With the recent technology in mobile phones, instant messaging and emails you can send and receive messages instantly no matter how far you are to each other. It’s amazing isn’t it and I have never imagined life would be like this especially when I looked back at the times that it would take two weeks for my Christmas card to reach my godmother in California. But inspite of this I still love snail mails, those letters gives me a feeling of warmth caring so I still want mailboxes for our homes. And I found quality and elegant Whitehall Mailboxes which really suits my style and taste. I’ve always loved hard carved wood sculpture on metal and this is what I want for my mailbox. I’m still choosing from their selection of wall mounted, ultimate, superior and premium but actually they’re all beautiful and sure to make your front exterior lovely.


Connection Resumed

I’ve been lagging behind some meme or at least if I had posted them sometimes I was late in submitting them because of the limited power we have here in our place. This is due to the recent power plant fire which affected not only us in Rizal but also in some Metro Manila cities and towns. I’ve been laughing with my Mom because last week I’ve been running after due tasks and when I was on a relaxed mode and quite finished with my tasks here comes connection and power interruption again.

Today my internet connectivity was resumed which gave me a happy smile as I don’t have to go to other place or rent on internet café. It’s dangerous for me to use other PC especially public PC as there’s always the possibility of exposing my sites and passwords to hackers. So when I rent PC I only open sites that I need most to be safe. Now I only have to monitor the power interruption schedule as it was scheduled on a 4-hour rotation among affected areas. Good luck to me as power I think will be out anytime now!


Understanding Other Languages and Cultures

In this present economic crisis where companies suddenly closes out and regular jobs becomes unstable. Even large companies declare financial losses and multinational corporations look for cheaper labor elsewhere. Most stay at home mothers started to look for jobs that will give them extra income to help their husbands in bringing food to their family’s table. As they need to stay at home to look for kids it’s very appropriate to find online jobs like that of a bilingual and professional translator, you just have to visit Translia and sign up for the job. It would certainly help in augmenting the family’s income.

Language is a very important means of making communications better and without communication the world will not be a better place to live because there will be misunderstanding and confusion. We all know that each country has its own language and even though we uses English as the international language not all people know how to speak and write English. It’s good if you know two or three languages but there’s nothing to worry about if you don’t because there’s a website for translation services.

Translia brings together translators and clients needing translation. It helps those who know different languages to enter a job in the field of online translation services and it also bridges the gap of miscommunications between two people speaking different languages. It will be easier now to understand books in foreign language and to learn the different cultures of many countries. It’s going to be an exciting time to learn and educate ourselves as the site offers free translation. This special site will surely assist and help you in translating needed materials.


Power Plant Fire

I was on a chance blogging this time as there has been a power plant fire in the town next to us in Taytay, Rizal. This happened last Wednesday late night while I was on our bible study in Kamias. Brownouts were experienced in almost whole Metro Manila and Rizal and I also had problem with my internet connection as some SmartBro base stations were affected including the station where I and my friend JennyL were connected. I had to go over to my brother and cousin’s house to use other internet provider but that failed also. Internet café on next town solved my problem. Anyway as I’m working on limited time and connection I wasn’t able to return the visits of my ec droppers and visitors. I’ll visit you again guys when things normalized again. Thanks for the visit anyway!


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