Friday, October 9, 2009

Connection Resumed

I’ve been lagging behind some meme or at least if I had posted them sometimes I was late in submitting them because of the limited power we have here in our place. This is due to the recent power plant fire which affected not only us in Rizal but also in some Metro Manila cities and towns. I’ve been laughing with my Mom because last week I’ve been running after due tasks and when I was on a relaxed mode and quite finished with my tasks here comes connection and power interruption again.

Today my internet connectivity was resumed which gave me a happy smile as I don’t have to go to other place or rent on internet café. It’s dangerous for me to use other PC especially public PC as there’s always the possibility of exposing my sites and passwords to hackers. So when I rent PC I only open sites that I need most to be safe. Now I only have to monitor the power interruption schedule as it was scheduled on a 4-hour rotation among affected areas. Good luck to me as power I think will be out anytime now!


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