Friday, June 22, 2012

Creative Ways to Pay the Bills

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The economy is tight, and it's forcing many people who once felt financially secure into finding new ways to cut expenses and stretch a dollar. In the vast majority of cases, families and individuals can make ends meet, but it may force you to get creative. It is likely that you already have things around the home and skill sets that can catapult you from paying late fees toward having some money in your pocket again. 

Auction Sites 

Do you have a library full of old books you never read? Have tons of jewelry you never wear? There is value in almost everything we have lying around our homes and if unused, or in great condition, your household items are likely to be worth some money. Check into online auction sites where you can turn clutter into money. Some people have been so successful at selling their own books, jewelry and other items that they began scourging yard sales to purchase more of these items cheap and turn them into a profit online. 

Give Up 

One Luxury Even people on a tight budget can find ways to enjoy things they like. Giving up just one luxury can pay a bill for an entire month. Enjoy a movie once per week? Stream a television show at home for free instead, and put the money saved toward the power bill or mortgage payment. At $12 per person, it costs a family of four $48 to see a movie, plus meals, popcorn and drinks. This is easily $100 per week - a whopping $400 per month - that could be put towards a house or car payment, or go towards reducing credit card debts. 

Get Cash Back for Surfing the Web 

Did you know you can get paid for searching and shopping online? At you can choose to get cash back for these activities, or earn rewards to use for deep discounts on other purchases. Since seven out of ten Internet users already do at least some of their shopping online, it's likely you do, too. So, there's no reason not to get paid for doing what you already do. Shopping online and surfing the Internet for free is like throwing money away. 

Take on Side Work 

Whatever you do for a day job, chances are these skills are valuable elsewhere, as well. Are you an electrician? Plumber? Accountant? Computer specialist? There are probably people in your neighborhood that would be willing to pay for small jobs they need done, and they'd rather hire you than a large company or firm with outrageous fees. Determine what you're worth for an hour's work, and discount it by 10 to 20-percent. This is a feasible way to put more money in your pocket, and gives others a great price for professional services done well.


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