Thursday, August 27, 2009

Reckless Impudence

Lately I’ve been hearing a lot of accidents on the road and you’ll wish you never saw the news being aired because you’ll be mad at how the drivers has taken driving as a profession. They just never seem to check on their vehicles before traveling if it’s in good condition or not. Sometimes the vehicles are in perfect condition but the driver is not, some are drunk while others are simply reckless. Just imagine what happened to a mother and her 3-year old daughter when they were hit by a bus which killed the child and damaged the right arm of the mother.

No amount of sorry will ever bring the child’s life and I can say this happens frequently because some drivers are too reckless to care about following all the rules. They only realize their bad driving habits when accidents happen, too bad for the victims. Same thing with motorists as accidents mostly happen on motorcycles because some really can’t stay on their designated lane. It’s just lucky when good attorneys like San Jose motorcycle accident attorney help them recover their loss in accidents. They will take care of the issues like how much they will be paid for the motorcycle’s damage, their hospitalization and their missed salaries due to absence from work and hospitalization. But aside from all these things I really think that government should be strict in issuing driver’s license especially to those who are professional drivers.


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