Monday, November 16, 2009

Jen's Birthday!

It's my bestfriend's birthday today and I will not write here how old she is or she might kill me lol! If you want to know her age you can visit her site. JennyL or Bes as we fondly called each other celebrated her birthday today very simply, they had a sumptous lunch yesterday for the whole family and today she had pasta and cake. As she always say birthdays are meant for the young ones and as you grow older celebrations are getting simpler except for the remarkable oldies' birthdays of course such as 50 and 75 years.

I brought along Josh with me and greeted my Bes. After eating we spent the rest of the time talking about our blogs, our friends and how grand we celebrate our birthdays when we're young. We missed those days of early planning and preparing for our birthdays, excited with our visitors and just so happily carefree with the occasion. When you grow old you're always mindful of the time and it always seems that you have to schedule everything.

Anyway after all these years I thank God that Jen and I are still there for each other maybe a lot older than we were in high school days but still the same people who cared for each other. Looks may change, years may add, status may differ but still friendship never change. We're still bestfriends......for life.


Continuing Education Through Online Studies

I heard from my friends in college that some of them took post graduate studies in the leading university in town. Some of them enrolled in management courses and others in some enhancement subjects related to our college course. I also wanted to study further but on a relatively different field of study which is culinary. I’ve always wanted to learn culinary skills in cooking and baking because I love to cook for my family and someday I want to put up my own bakeshop.

Of course all these would have to wait as my schedule is full this time of the year and I have to choose a school near my residence. I really need to sacrifice some of my time if I want to pursue it unlike taking LSAT prep courses which can be done online. It will not require specific time and students need not go anywhere as they can study whenever they want and anytime they’ll be free. That’s a very convenient education.


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