Thursday, August 13, 2009

Missing My Hometown

I missed going to our hometown and I’m planning to go there again on a non-occasion date. I just want to feel the cool breeze of the air coming from the mountains, the air in our province is still fresh and smells good. I also want to have a decent photo shoot there of beautiful scenery, pretty orchids and some nice subject for my weekly photography tag.

It’s always been a cool respite for me to spend my day reading or taking pictures of whatever comes to my mind. And if I’m going to do that in Laguna I could very well be going home with great pictures of scenery and beautiful flowers plus whatever subject that may arise there.

I’ve noticed that Josh was so excited in seeing field animals there like carabao, cows and horses. Well I don’t blame him for acting like that as there are no field animals in our place.

Our last visit has made Josh wanting to experience riding in a horse, next time I know he’ll be asking about equestrian apparel. When the time comes that he’ll be asking about that maybe I can show him the site which provides horse riding apparel and horse riding equipment for men, ladies and young riders. He’ll surely love it!


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